what can you do with a mechatronics degree

A mechatronics degree from PennWest California will prepare you for a career as a mechatronics engineering technologist in a vast array of industries. When someone asks, “What can you do with a mechatronics degree?” very often the answer is “Almost anything you want.”

What does a Mechatronics Technician do?

Mechatronics engineering technologists use a combination of mechanical, electrical, computer and software skills to work with smart technologies, such as robots, automated guided systems and computer-integrated manufacturing equipment. Here are some other items that they do:

  • Assist in the design of robotic and intellegent equipment
  • Develop products and build protypes
  • Assist engineering staff with the design and development of projects ranging from ATMs to large manufacturing plants
  • Manages electrical and mechanical systems
  • Tests new equipment
  • Installs new equipment

Is Mechatronics Engineering in demand?

Mechatronics is a high-tech fieldand job applicants with a mechatronics engineering technology degree from an accredited program like the one offered at PennWest California are in demand. In fact, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has identified mechatronics as a “high-priority” occupation with rapidly expanding job opportunities.

As more businesses advance their technologies and turns to sophisticated intellegent systems and robotics, mechatronics engineering will continue to grow in demand. Even manufacturing businesses considering a technology upgrade turn to mecahtronics engineers in order to evaluate assembly line effeciency and costs. 

Jobs you can get with a mechatronic degree?

So what kind of jobs can you look forward to with a PennWest California mechatronics degree? From advanced manufacturing to homeland security, read on to learn more about your plentiful careers choices.

  • Robotics engineer/technician
  • Automation engineer
  • Control system design/troubleshooting engineer
  • Electronics design engineer
  • Mechanical design engineer
  • Data scientist/big data analyst
  • Instrumentation engineer
  • Software engineer

What jobs do you get with a mechatronics degree?

Mechatronics Careers in Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics:
One of the top reasons to get a mechatronics degree is the strong technical foundation you’ll gain in robotics. At PennWest California, you’ll have ample opportunities to gain hands-on experience that will prepare you for an exciting career working with robotics in the medical and healthcare fields, for the military, or in advanced manufacturing. In these positions you’ll build robotic solutions that improve manufacturing quality, quantity and productivity; you’ll manage, execute and troubleshoot electrical, robotic and automation equipment; and you’ll ensure that all robotic equipment is compliant with industry standards.

The average salary for a robotics technician, according to recruiter.com, is $51,600 per year.

Mechatronics Careers in Telecommunications and Information Services:
Mechatronics engineering technology jobs in telecommunication and information services include roles such as high-voltage engineer, field or cable technician, networking technician, and more. Job responsibilities can include installing, maintaining and repairing mobile phones, computer networks, videoconferencing equipment, fiber-optic cables, electrical systems and more.

 According to salary.com, telecommunications technicians earn an average salary of $64,240 per year. 

Mechatronics Careers in Agriculture, Food and Forestry:
New career opportunities are opening up in the rapidly advancing fields of agriculture, food and forestry for professionals with a degree in mechatronics engineering. After graduating from the mechatronics engineering technology program at PennWest California, you could go on to design greenhouses that increase food production, program controllers to manage irrigation systems, or even use engineering principles to ensure the health and sustainability of forests.

According to payscale.com, agricultural technicians earn an average salary of $52,000 per year.

Read on to learn more about what can you do with a mechatronics degree.

Mechatronics Careersin Biotechnology, Life Science and Medical Equipment Design:
Among the most exciting fields that PennWest California mechatronics engineering technology graduates enter are biotechnology, life science and medical equipment design. A mechatronics engineering degree can prepare you for careers designing and building bio-inspired machines and medical devices that mimic the behaviors of humans, animals and plants (this is called bio-mimetics). You also may use knowledge of mechatronics engineering technology to improve clinical equipment, surgical procedures, rehabilitation strategies, micro-implants, prosthesesand more.

According to salary.com, biomedical engineering technicians earn an average of $62,282 per year.

Mechatronics Careers in Renewable Energy:

Pursue a career that makes civilization more sustainable. A bachelor’s degree in mechatronics engineering technology from PennWest California will position you for high-impact jobs in solar power, wind energy, biofuel, hydropower and geothermal technologies. Renewable energy is a booming industry in which mechatronics graduates will find many opportunities to use their multi-disciplinary engineering skills to help make exciting innovations, test and improve components used in wind turbines and solar panels, and more. Job titles may include safety coordinator, materials engineer and energy systems technician, among others.

According to investinganswers.com, the median salary for a materials engineer in wind power is $83,190; in solar power, it is $86,380. The salary for a wind-turbine installer starts at $31,000 and increases to $104,000 with experience.

Mechatronics Careers in Transportation and Logistics:
At PennWest California, our mechatronics engineering technology degree program focuses on hands-on lab work, so you graduate job-ready. In today’s interconnected world where global delivery is an essential part of many businesses, mechatronics degree graduates are in demand to work in transportation and logistics. These careers involve working with custom-designed machines, powerful computing infrastructures, complex transportation processes and equipment, and more. In short, you’ll use comprehensive mechatronics knowledge to keep large companies up and running, and delivering customer satisfaction.

According to salaryexpert.com, the average logistics technician salary in the United States is $53,311 per year.

Mechatronics Careers in Homeland Security and Defense:
The Department of Defense predicts that 40% of military ground troops will be robotic in the near future; in turn, this will increase the need for robotic technicians with strong mechatronics engineering technology degrees. Graduates of PennWest California’s mechatronics degree program will be prepared to work for the U.S. government supporting the design, construction, alteration, testing and maintenance of new robotic and drone technologies, as well as smart technologies used in surveillance, ground operations, border control, deployment logistics and more.

According to glassdoor.com, mechatronics engineering technician salaries at the U.S. Department of Defense can range from $85,040 to $91,042, and the average salary for a U.S. Army Corps engineering technicianis $53,329

Are you ready to launch a mechatronics career in one of the innovative industries above? Why wait? Apply to PennWest California’s mechatronics engineering technology degree program today. Apply now!   

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