Top 10 Reasons to Get a Mechatronics Degree

Are you thinking about pursuing a mechatronics degree? Here are the top 10 reasons studying mechatronics at PennWest California is a smart move.

  1. Multidisciplinary skills:  When you earn a mechatronics engineering technology degree from PennWest California, you’re combining a broad range of skills in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and control systems. In a sense, it’s like earning three or four engineering technology degrees in one. The multidisciplinary skills and knowledge you’ll gain in a mechatronics engineering technology degree program will give you the solid base you need to solve complex engineering problems. It will also give you a big-picture perspective, flexibility and adaptability — all key components of career success.

  2. High-impact jobs: Jobs in mechatronics are expected to grow rapidly in the next 10 years. The U.S. Department of Labor andthe Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry have identified mechatronics as an emerging field that will be both high priority and high impact. A mechatronics degree from a groundbreaking program like the one offered at PennWest California — which is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania — will put you at the forefront of tomorrow’s jobs.

    Learn more about the ample job opportunities for mechatronics engineering technology degree graduates.

  3. Hands-on labs: The field of mechatronics is hands-on, so it only makes sense that a mechatronics degree program would be hands-on, too. At PennWest California, all of our mechatronics engineering technology students put theory into practice in our state-of-the-art labs. You’ll work with the same components, systems and technology that today’s professionals are working with in the field. This means you’ll graduate with the confidence and experience you need — and you’ll require significantly less on-the-job training than many of your peers.

    Learn more about the mechatronics lab facilities at PennWest California.

  4. Resources and equipment: No. 4 in the top 10 reasons to get a mechatronics degree is closely related to No. 3. The hands-on mechatronics experience you’ll get in PennWest California’s labs is invaluable — but the resources and equipment you use in those labs makes all the difference. At PennWest California you’ll have access to:

    • FESTO modular LeamLine lab stations
    • FESTO MPS (Modular Production System) integrative systems.
    • National Instruments ELVIS trainers.
    • Fluids and hydraulics testing and measuring equipment.
    • 3D printers.
    • Function generators, oscilloscopes and digital multimeters.
    • A dedicated lab for senior projects
    • Lastest generation computers and software, and more.
  5. InternshipsAs a PennWest California mechatronics engineering technology student, you’ll have the opportunity to find an internship with the industrial, corporate or government organization that best matches your goals for mechatronics engineering technology employment. Internships are designed to provide practical work experience solving real-world problems in a dynamic environment, yielding enhanced job opportunities upon graduation.

Read on for more of the top 10 reasons to get a mechatronics degree.

  1. Insider insights: Benefit from the experience of top mechatronics professors who are active in today's industries. At PennWest California, you’ll form close relationships with professors who will give you key insights that can only be gained from years on the job. PennWest California also maintains relationships with powerful industry leaders, such as the multinational electrical engineering firm Siemens AG, and the pneumatic and electrical automation technology supplier FESTO, among others.

  1. Applicable skills: In PennWest California’s mechatronics engineering degree program, you’ll not only learn the theory of why things work, you’ll learn how to build the systems yourself. Our mechatronics students learn how to build, repair, program and maintain smart machines and controls —the skills employers look for. We also stress real-world scenarios in all of our teaching, which enables PennWest California mechatronics engineering technology students to anticipate problems and create solutions that are immediately applicable in the field.

  1. High standards: PennWest California’s mechatronics engineering technology degree is in line with the University’s commitment to high professional standards. Our mechatronics program integrates teamwork and leadership skills while preparing students for lifelong learning, assuming personal responsibility, and applying the highest professional and ethical standards to global issues in the mechatronics field. Our bachelor’s degree in mechatronics engineering technology has been developed in accordance with the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of the Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology (ABET) criteria for accrediting engineering technology programs. ABET is the premier accreditation body for engineering and engineering technology programs throughout the world. In addition to the ABET criteria, the mechatronics degree program was developed by an industrial advisory board.

  1. Good paying jobs + high starting salaries: Professionals with mechatronics engineering technology skills are highly valued by today’s rapidly innovating companies, and salaries reflect that fact. According to, entry-level mechatronics engineers earn an average of $54,500 per year. This salary can rise rapidly, as reflected in the average salary for all mechatronics engineers, which is $88,800 per year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, salaries for mechatronics engineers working in Pennsylvania typically start at $50,530 and go up to $138,000. The median mechatronics engineer salary in Pennsylvania is $87,180 per year.

  1. A resume that stands out: Employers and hiring mangers in mechatronics industries are looking for candidates who have both a broad engineering and technology base and the ability to apply that knowledge to solve real-world problems. The combination of comprehensive courses, extensive lab work and internship opportunities that make up PennWest California’s mechatronics engineering technology program makes you a competitive candidate for the top mechatronics jobs. PennWest California program graduates have the preparation that catches the eyes of employers, and the confidence that helps them excel from the first day on the job.

These top ten reasons to get a mechatronics degree only scratch the surface of the program’s benefits. Take advantage of this dynamic degree that will lead to a high-impact job.Apply to PennWest California’s mechatronics engineering technology degree program today.

Top 10 Reasons To Get A Mechatronics Degree

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Top 10 Reasons To Get A Mechatronics Degree

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Top 10 Reasons To Get A Mechatronics Degree

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Top 10 Reasons To Get A Mechatronics Degree

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