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 When you earn an applied engineering bachelor’s degree at PennWest California, such as the mechatronics engineering technology degree,you’ll have access to amazing lab facilities for mechatronics, robotics, computer engineering, technology management, digital media technology and more.

Hands-on educationis at the heart of all applied engineering programs at PennWest California, which is why ourapplied engineering lab facilities are designed give you real-world experiencesfrom day one, as well as more advanced lab experiences as you progress in your major:

  • Applied engineering and computer labs with the latest high-quality instrumentation packages appropriate for beginning students in robotics, mechatronics and more.
  • Applied engineering labs with a more advanced set of instrumentation devices.
  • A dedicated senior projects labs for applied engineering and technology students.

If you’re considering an applied engineering and technology degree from PennWest California, we invite you to visit our beautiful campus in California, Pennsylvania. You’ll see our state-of-the-art lab facilities– and our commitment to building with the future of science and technology in mind. In the meantime, here are brief descriptions of PennWest California’s applied engineering facilities, so you can get a sense of what’s in store:

PennWest California Lab Highlights

Mechatronics Degree Lab Facilities

PennWest California's applied engineering bachelor’s degree in mechatronics engineering technology is structured around relevant, hands-on lab work. In fact, access to equipment and labs is one of the top reasons students choose to get a mechatronics engineering technology degree at PennWest California. Our on-campus mechatronics lab facilities include FESTO modular LearnLine lab stations and FESTO MPS (Modular Production System) integrative systems, which enable you to work with the components, systems and technology you’ll need to master to land a top mechatronics job.

Robotics Technology Degree Lab Facilities:

Applied engineering students at PennWest California taking coursework in robotics hone their skills in alarge, multiuse robotics/automation/mechatronics lab that includes recently updated technology and new equipment. Additional labs such as the CADD and electronics labs offer a wealth of additional resources for applied engineering majors. You’ll have access to laptops, plus an extensive supply of robotics tools and lab facility equipment, including:

  • Robotics building components.
  • An array of sensing devices including GPS, compass, range finder and ultrasonic sensors, as well as many others.
  • An assortment of motors and motor controllers.
  • LCD displays and cameras.
  • Hand tools, power tools, machining and sheet-metal working equipment, welders and 3D printers.


Electrical Engineering Technology Degree Lab Facilities:

Students pursuing a degree in electrical engineering technology at PennWest California will benefit from coursework, research and experiments in PennWest California’s four electrical engineering technology labs, which include a "large format" lab with National Instruments ELVIS trainers; the Digital/Embedded Systems Lab, which has 18-channel mixed-signal oscilloscopes; the Analog Lab, which has 12 Tektronix oscilloscopes and function generators; a Senior Projects Lab and more.

Digital Media Technology Degree Lab Facilities:

PennWest California's graphics and multimedia labs for the digital media technology degree program will give you the opportunity for hands-on learning in nearly all major courses. On-campus labs include the Digital Pre-media Lab, Multimedia Lab, Commercial Printing Processes Lab, Digital Printing Lab, Photography Studio, and Screen Printing and Flexographic Printing Lab.

Read on for a comprehensive list of PennWest California’s applied engineering lab facilities.

Whether you’re interested in a cutting-edge career in robotics, mechatronics, advanced manufacturing, or technology management, PennWest California’s applied technology lab facilities will give you the tools and experiences you need to be competitive in your field.

PennWest California Applied Engineering Labs List:

Helsel 201 “Large Format” Lab: This applied engineering lab features 17 two-student workstations, each with a networked PC, a networked laser printer, and a collection of secure cabinets containing power supplies, digital multimeters, oscilloscopes and National Instruments ELVIS trainers.

Eberly 301: This student computing lab has 20 PCs, which are used by computer science, electrical engineering technology and computer engineering technology students.

Eberly 351: This computing lab facility includes 12 two-student workstations with 12 campus-connected PCs. This lab is also the home of the computer engineering technology Computer Networking course, which incorporates a Unix server and live weather station for use in the client-server term project.

Eberly 361 Digital/Embedded Systems Lab: This lab includes 12 two-student workstations with 12 networked computers, oscilloscopes, function generators, power supplies and microprocessor evaluation/development boards. Each workstation features an 18-channel mixed-signal oscilloscope for advanced microcontroller system troubleshooting. The lab also is equipped with C cross compilers for embedded microcontroller software development. A laser printer is available for printing lab reports and assignments.

Eberly 371 Analog Lab: The analog lab includes 12 two-student workstations, each with a networked PC, a Tektronix function generator, a Tektronix (TDS) digital phosphorous oscilloscope, a Wavetek digital multimeter and a Tenma triple-output power supply. Also available are four electric power workstations, each with a DC motor, DC generator, single-phase and three-phase AC motors and alternators, transformers, and dynamometers. A laser printer is available for printing lab reports and assignments.

Eberly 260 Senior Projects Lab: This lab serves as a dedicated electrical engineering senior projects lab. It’s the newest addition to the PennWest California’s electrical engineering technology facilities.

Digital Pre-media Lab:This lab is equipped with 40 iMac computer stations, and a variety of black-and-white and color output devices. Industry standard flexographic and lithographic press simulation systems are also housed in this lab.

Screen Printing and Flexographic Printing Lab:Here you’ll find a wide variety of graphic and textile screenprinting equipment and a three-color, 7-inch flexographic web press. Platemaking support for both of these processes is also located in this lab.

Digital Printing Lab: This much-used lab is equipped with narrow- and wide-format digital printing units incorporating toner as well as liquid ink systems. Digital output, material cutting and lamination systems are also located in this lab.

Lithographic Printing Lab: A two-color, 12” x 18” lithographic press and a single-color 12” x 18” duplicator are the main features of this dynamic lab. In the lab you’ll also find platemaking support, as well as cutting, trimming and finishing equipment.

Digital Media Lab: This powerhouse lab is equipped with 30 iMac computer stations. It primarily supports the courses in digital audio, video animation and other media-intensive topics that are part of the applied engineering technology degree in graphics and multimedia, or digital multimedia technology.

Take advantage of the extensive resources and labs for applied engineering students at PennWest California. Apply to one of our associate or bachelor’s degree programs today.

Applied Engineering Lab Facilities

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