Top 10 Reasons to Get a Industrial Technology Management Degree

Are you thinking about pursuing a mechatronics degree? Here are the top 10 reasons studying mechatronics at PennWest California is a smart move.

  1. 100% Online Courses: Every single course in PennWest California’s industrial technology management degree program is delivered asynchronously online. This means you can earn your bachelor’s degree anywhere, any time, as long as you have a high-speed Internet connection and a modern computer. The convenience of online courses also means that you can earn your degree no matter how busy your life is — even if you’re already working full time.

  2. Faculty with Industry Experience: Your online industrial technology management degree courses will be taught by faculty members who bring practical experience and real-world insight into the classroom. Program professors are experts in the field of technology management and have written books on topics such as materials science for technologists and computer numerical control (CNC) programming of machines. Above and beyond their subject matter expertise, our faculty members are always accessible to online students and generate enthusiasm for learning in their virtual classrooms.

    Learn more about the ample job opportunities for mechatronics engineering technology degree graduates.

  3. Career Choices: Perhaps the greatest draw among these the top 10 reasons to pursue a industrial technology management degree is the vast number of career options you’ll be able to pursue upon graduation. Many of these jobs are in key leadership roles, such as safety manager, quality control manager or industrial trainer. Other positions are more technical, and may be related to CNC machine or CAD operations, or technical manufacturing. Careers in technology management span industries — you could work in consumer goods, transportation, or even for the Department of Defense — and often these positions have high starting salaries.

    Learn more about the exciting careers you can pursue with a industrial technology management degree.

  4. High Placement Rate:  Graduates of PennWest California’s online industrial technology management degree program are well prepared for today’s dynamic workforce. In fact, a recent survey of PennWest California’s 2015 graduates showed a 100% job placement rate forindustrial technology management graduates. Many students land top jobs. For example, Bethany Kastner '09 was hired one month after graduation as a mechanical design specialist at Mechanical Engineering Systems Associates (MESA).

  5. Career-Focused Courses: The 60 credits that make up the online industrial technology management degree program at PennWest California focus on practical knowledge that is immediately applicable in the workplace. For example, our CNC programming course will teach you how to program using industry-standard software. Our technical supervision course will teach you how to motivate employees and identify specific problems associated with technical production and manufacturing. And our course on industrial cost estimating teaches the best methods used today to estimate costs and set budgets in production contexts.

Learn more about what you’ll learn in PennWest California’s industrial technology management degree program.

  1. Return on Investment: PennWest California is part of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education, which offers the most affordable degree options in the state. Pair this with the high salaries for many industrial technology management jobs, and the return on investment for this technology management degree program can be very high.

  1. High Standards:  The curriculum of PennWest California's industrial technology management bachelor's degree program follows (and even surpasses) the education standards for certification set by the Association of Technology Management and Applied Engineering, formerly known as NAIT.

  1. Internship Opportunities: An important reason to get an online industrial technology management degree from a comprehensive bachelor’s degree program like the one offered at PennWest California is the opportunity to pursue internships for credit. While attending PennWest California you’ll be able to spend a semester or a summer working in an industrial or manufacturing setting. An internship broadens your education, offering experience in the day-to-day operations of an industrial enterprise. You'll observe how products are produced and how problems are solved. In addition, the employer has an opportunity to observe you as a prospective employee.

  1. Career Support:  One of the biggest benefits PennWest California offers industrial technology management degree students is access to the amazing resources and job support of our Career and Professional Development Center. We’ll help you find internship and job placements, assist you in polishing your resume, and give you access to an amazing network of professionals.

  1. Top Reputation: PennWest California is well-known for the caliber of its online bachelor’s degree programs. We have been named among the Best Online Bachelor's Degree Programs by S. News & World Reportfor the past four years and counting.

Are you ready to take advantage of PennWest California’s high-quality industrial technology management degree program? Apply now!

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