The SKy's the Limit – Aaron

When the weather gets gloomy, this student shines.

Aaron Haegele is a senior meteorology student who’s finding a brighter forecast for his future thanks to his experience at PennWest California. Growing up in a boating family gave him an early appreciation for the weather, and he’s turning that interest into a promising career with the help of a tight-knit department and an intriguing advance in the field – using drones to analyze storm damage. Working closely with the National Weather Service, Aaron flies drones over possible tornado touchdown sites. By looking at the patterns created by downed trees and other debris, Aaron can tell if a particular path of destruction was caused by a tornado. He knew PennWest California would present some amazing opportunities. As a student in the Eberly College of Science and Technology, Aaron has done his best to take advantage of all PennWest California has to offer.

"I’m excited to take what i’ve learned at Cal U to grad school in environmental engineering – to build a better future for us all."