Faculty Search Training

Faculty Search Diversity Recruitment Training
The search committee must  include faculty from the Faculty Search Diversity Leader Roster (Guide to Faculty Searches 09/05/17, Appendix 2.1). The faculty has been trained on diversity issues related to conducting an equitable search process. As diversity advocates, they are EEO representatives committed to ensuring that the search committees on which they serve adhere to the basic principles of equal opportunity in hiring practices. The roster is available through Academic Affairs and the Special Assistant for EEEO in the Human Resources Office.

Maintenance of confidentiality is absolutely essential during the entire search process. Search committee members have an obligation to the University and to one another to protect the freest expression of opinion in deliberations without fear that comments will be shared with others outside the committee. Especially in discussing applicants, every remark must be taken as privileged. Committee deliberations and decisions are to be held in strict confidence until public disclosure is necessary for on-campus interviews and final recommendations. Disclosure must only be on a need-to-know basis.

Training Materials
Equal Opportunity and Discrimination Prevention training materials are presented by the Title IX Coordinator.  

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After reading the Faculty Search Diversity Recruitment Training materials, you must PRINT, COMPLETE and RETURN the Training Receipt (found on the last page of the training materials) to PennWest California, Office of Human Resources: Special Assistant for EEEO, 250 University Ave., Box 21, California, PA  15419-1394, or scan and email it to salsgiver@calu.edu, or fax it to 724-938-5740. 

You can access the Administrative Diversity Recruitment Plan for Faculty Job Postings Form here.

Please see the Office of Academic Affairs Faculty Search Information  webpage for further Faculty Search details, requirements, and additional trainings.