Career Advantage

Career Advantage

Your 4-Year Action Plan For A Rewarding Career

PennWest California's Career Advantage Program is an exceptional, one-of-a-kind opportunity to realize your personal potential. It's a four-year plan to help you discover the college career path that's the perfect fit for your skills, talents and interests. You will:

  • Identify your skills, interests and values.
  • Choose a college major.
  • Explore your best career options.
  • Gain job experience while in school through internships and the University's Cooperative Education (co-op) program.
  • Prepare for your job search and/or graduate school by developing an effective resume, personal brand and networking/interviewing skills.
  • Connect with employers looking to hire PennWest California graduates.

View the Career Advantage Road Map.

When is a good time to begin developing a Career Advantage?

Right now! Students who start freshman year - or earlier - and who actively participate in Career Advantage activities save time and money by choosing a major that is a good fit in their early college years. They also graduate more prepared and confident to secure a position in their fields. But it's never too late to gain a career advantage! 

How Does Career Advantage Work?

The PennWest California Career Advantage Program breaks down the three key phases of career development - explore, experience and connect - into straightforward actions for you to take each year. View the key career action items for each year below.

Freshman Year (Explore)
Sophomore Year (Explore and Experience)
Junior Year (Experience and Connect)
Senior Year (Connect)
  • Fine-tune your resume and upload it to Handshake.
  • Practice your skills with a practice interview.
  • Meet with your career coach to develop job search strategies or plan for graduate school.
  • Participate in on-campus interviews and information sessions.
  • Tap into your career network using the PennWest California Career Network.
  • Attend job fairs and networking events.

Career Advantage Graduation Cords

Stand out at graduation with a Career Advantage certificate and the distinction of wearing Career Advantage cords. You can accrue points to earn your certificate and/or cords by participating in Career Advantage activities and reporting them using Handshake.

Get Your Career Advantage

Watch a video that explains how the Career and Professional Development Center can give you a career advantage:

Have Questions About Career Advantage?

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