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Network Your Way To Career Success.

Make more informed career choices and develop your career goals by joining the Cal U Career Network Group on LinkedIn. Access to the group is free and available to Cal U alumni, current students, faculty and staff, and employers. 

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of people hired in 2016 got their job through a connection within the company.
of professionals consider networking to be important for career success.

The Cal U Career Network for Current Students

Are you ready to supercharge your career search? With the Cal U Career Network you can:

  • Find job and internship opportunities.
  • Connect with alumni and employers to get advice.
  • Learn about the personal career experiences of Cal U alumni.
  • Explore companies in your field and get insights from employers.

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New to LinkedIn?

To join the Cal U Career Network Group, you first need to create a profile on LinkedIn, then search for and join the group "Cal U Career Network." Once you are on the Cal U Career Network page, be sure to join the industry-related subgroups that relate most to your career field by clicking on the "More" link, then click on "Subgroups."

Here are some tips for creating an effective LinkedIn profile:

  • Use proper capitalization rules when entering your name. 
  • Your title (the phrase that appears under your name) can be anything you want. Use it as an opportunity to brand yourself. Perhaps consider something like "aspiring legal professional" or "engineering student seeking an internship."
  • Don't know what to put under work history? We promise you have something to say here! Include volunteer work, extracurricular activities, internships, college jobs, freelance work, etc.
  • If you need help with any aspect of your profile, schedule an appointment with a Cal U career coach!

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The Cal U Career Network for Alumni and Employers

As an employer or Cal U alumni, the Cal U Career Network is a great way to:

  • Connect with motivated students and build your talent pipeline.
  • Build relationships with colleagues and peers in the Cal U network.
  • Offer career advice to students interested in your career field and organization.
  • Share your career experiences with Cal U students and alumni.
  • Provide information about career opportunities, internships and job openings.
  • Hire a Cal U cooperative education student or an intern.
  • Keep in touch with the Cal U Career Services staff.

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