Alcoholic Beverages and Drinking and Driving

PennWest California encourages and sustains an academic environment that respects individual freedoms and promotes the health, safety and welfare of all community members. In keeping with these objectives, the University has adopted a policy governing the possession, sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages on the campus. Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages are not permitted on property owned or controlled by PennWest California.

If a friend who is not 21 asks you to buy a six-pack of beer for him, don't. Any adult who buys alcohol for anyone under 21 may receive a mandatory fine of $1,000 for a first offense and $2,500 for each following offense. If you are having a party and serving alcohol, be very careful about who is having a drink. An adult who supplies minors with alcohol is breaking the law and may also be liable for any resulting injuries and/or property damage caused by the minor.

Drinking and Driving

Your driving privilege will be suspended if you are convicted of lying about your age to obtain alcohol; purchasing, consuming, possessing or transporting alcohol; or carrying a false ID. If you are under 21 and see a friend walking down the street, offer her a ride and she happens to be taking a six-pack and some chips to a party, you could be charged with transporting alcohol and your license could be suspended. For a first offense, your driving suspension may be 90 days; second offense, one year; and for a third and all subsequent offense, two years. Multiple sentences are served consecutively.

In addition to driving privilege suspension, you may pay a fine of no less than $300, and the police will notify your parents, even if you are over 18. The court may also require that you successfully complete a program of alcohol education, intervention or counseling. You must also pay a $25 restoration fee before you can get your license back or be considered for a learner's permit.

Remember, you don't have to be in or near a car, have a driver's license or be old enough to drive for the laws to apply. Just being caught with a false ID, drinking, being intoxicated, transporting alcohol or having alcohol in your possession will result in the suspension of your driving privilege.