Severe Weather Information

If it snows

California University will remain open, classes will be held and services will be provided during periods of severe winter weather.

Only on those rare occasions when it is impossible to reasonably accommodate students and others because of weather-related conditions on campus will consideration be given to adjusting class schedules and/or employee work shifts or authorizing a part-day or full-day closing.

Information: 724-938-4507 or 800-422-5639 (toll-free).

If schedules are changed

Announcements will be made ONLY if the University's regular operation is disrupted. Announcements will NOT be made saying the University is open.

Changes before 8 a.m.

  • The University will announce changes in schedule affecting daytime classes and work shifts by 5 a.m.

Changes during the day

  • Changes in schedule affecting the University's classes and work shifts during the regular day will be announced as soon as conditions warrant.

Changes in evening classes/work shifts

  • The University will announce changes in schedule affecting evening classes and work shifts by 3 p.m. or earlier if conditions warrant.

If classes are delayed

If a decision is made to delay classes, the class schedule will begin at:

  • 10 a.m. for classes that meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

  • 9:30 a.m. for classes that meet on Tuesday and Thursday

Snow-clearing priorities

Snow and ice removal efforts will focus on clearing roads and pedestrian accesses to buildings. Roads and pedestrian routes will be cleared in this order:

Priority 1:

  • Third Street to Hickory Street
  • East Alley
  • Sixth Street to Morgan Hall
  • Hickory Street
  • Riverview Drive
  • Beazell Street
  • Access to ambulance entry serving the Wellness Center at Carter Hall
  • Pedestrian and handicap walkways from residence halls to Natali Student Center
  • Pedestrian and handicap walkways from residence halls to the Wellness Center

Priority 2:

  • University Avenue
  • Senior Drive
  • Loop Road from Morgan to Hamer Crossing
  • Access to Pollock Building, Central Heat Plant and South Hall
  • Access to buildings normally occupied before 7:30 a.m.
  • Access to loading docks at Natali and Gallagher Hall

Priority 3:

  • Access to Vulcan Parking Garage
  • Student commuter lots
  • Staff and faculty lots
  • Remaining connecting walkways
  • Access to buildings not normally occupied until after 7:30 a.m.

Parking lots will be cleared once the access roads and pedestrian walkways have been addressed.

How to Stay Informed

On-Air Announcements


These TV and radio stations will be advised if Cal U class/work schedules change because of severe weather:

  • CUTV
  • WPXI-TV (Pittsburgh)
  • WTAE-TV (Pittsburgh)
  • KDKA-TV (Pittsburgh)
  • WCAL (FM-91.9)
  • KDKA (AM 1020)
  • WJPA (FM 93.5, AM 1450)
  • WMBS (AM 590)
Text Alerts


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