Connect a printer to the network or learn how to use email more effeciently with our available tutorials and user guides. Information here also can help if you are studying or working away from campus.


College Scheduler


To access College Scheduler, simply login to the Vulcan Information Portal (https://vip.calu.edu).  Click on the Student information tab, then click Schedule Planner under Registration Tools.

Click here for a video tutorial of how to use College Scheduler.

Remote Desktop (RDP)


Registering with FortiNAC

Guest Wireless
For Guest Access, simply join the CALUGUEST SSID and launch a web browser. A username/password will be texted and/or emailed to you upon completion of the form.

For detailed directions, please click here.


Installing and using VPN on Windows 
Note: Once you have the VPN client installed, the usage directions start at Step 6

Installing and using VPN on a MAC