Parking Rules

Follow the parking rules to avoid a citation:

  • Remember to display your parking permit correctly.
  • Park only in the designated area assigned to your permit. 
  • All vehicles using the Roadman Lot require a parking permit/hang tag.
  • Students park in stalls with white lines, no signs. Special Parking and Reserve spaces are for faculty and staff.
  • Do not park in handicapped spaces, unless you have the proper permits.
  • Motorcycles must be registered to a permit and parked in the space within an assigned lot.
  • Registered permit holders are responsible for their vehicles.
  • Do not park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • Do not block roadways, entrances, pathways, etc.
  • Do not park in loading zones or other restricted areas.
  • Do not park in designated yellow curb areas.
  • Obey posted speed limits.
  • Wear your seat belt when operating a motor vehicle.
  • Please obey temporary closures or relocations while our campus continues to experience ongoing construction.

Note: Students are to park in stalls with white lines, no signs. Special Parking and Reserve spaces are for Faculty and Staff.

Parking Violation Fines

Citations accumulate, from one term to another. If you have three unpaid parking citations you will receive a parking boot.

Failure to stop at stop sign $35
Drives in opposite direction on a one-way roadway $25
Reckless driving $35
Driving at an unsafe speed $50
Driving on sidewalk $50
Parking a motor vehicle in unauthorized parking areas $25
Parking a motor vehicle which obstructs any gate, road, bicycle pathway, access way, entrance, exit or road turnaround $100
Parking a motor vehicle in an area that is posted or closed $25
Parking a motor vehicle on crosswalks, on sidewalks or patios, or in areas or roadways not specifically marked for parking $25
Parking a motor vehicle within 15 feet of a fire hydrant $50
Parking outside of parking space area $25
Parking on grass/lawn $25
Parking in a loading zone with left side of vehicle to the curb $35
Parking against flow of traffic (except one-way areas that allow parking on  left side) $25
Parking in a reserved handicapped space without an HP license plate or DOT-issued hang tag $50
Parking without valid parking hang tag (RFID) $25
Displaying parking tag (RFID) incorrectly $25
Vandalism of parking facilities and equipment (plus restoration fees) $25

Manipulation or destruction or fraudulent/counterfeit of an existing permit
          *Automatic boot and possible loss of parking privileges on campus properties

Removal of parking boot $50


Visit this site regularly to receive updates and announcements about all future closures and relocations.

Any duplication or alteration of a parking permit may result in suspension of parking privileges on campus.

Permits are not to be shared, transferred, or sold to another sibling or student. Each permit is assigned and registered to only one person and all citations and responsibilities are with the assigned person with the permit. 

Transferring or selling a permit without proper registration with the Department of Parking & Transportation is prohibited and considered an invalid permit.