Handicapped Parking

Parking in a restricted handicapped space is prohibited without an HP license plate or appropriate State-issued handicapped tag and proper University-issued parking permit on display.  If needed, a temporary handicapped parking permit maybe issued or sold to a person with a short-term need not to exceed six (6) weeks at the Parking & Transportation Department. 

  1. All vehicles using handicapped parking spaces must display a valid State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) license plate or placard.  All vehicles using handicapped parking spaces must also display a valid University permit.
  2. Anyone requesting a temporary medically necessary handicapped permit must have a valid parking permit and present a letter from a physician to the Parking & Transportation Office.
  3. Any person who does not have a PennWest California parking permit and needs a temporary Handicapped permit will purchase a temporary ADA permit.
  4. Those with proper ADA parking credentials may park in any handicapped space in any un-gated lot.  This allows for greater mobility and provides the general public and visitors and guests with these parking credentials to have ability to park on campus.
  5. If all of the ADA spaces are taken the person should locate the next available ADA space in another lot, it is not permissible to just park in a regular space unless you also have a valid paid PennWest California permit. Free Staff/Faculty permits are not permitted to park in the next available space and must display proper ADA credentials to park in an ADA space, unless they have purchased a valid PennWest California Temporary ADA permit.
  6. At any time University Police and or Parking enforcement may ask for proof of ownership of a ADA hang tag, if the tag does not belong to the person it will be returned to the State issuing agency for re-issuance to the proper person. 

What if all of the handicapped spaces are taken?

Those who have a PennWest California issued permit and use it in conjunction with their state issued handicapped hangtag may park in the next available space if there are no available handicapped spaces in their specific lot.

This ensures that all PennWest California permit holders can park in their assigned lot even if the public has taken all of the available handicapped spaces.

If someone ONLY has a state issued handicapped permit and all of the handicapped spaces are taken in a specific area they must locate to the next available handicapped space. They may not just park in a general parking space.