The links below can help you with writing and researching your proposal.  Information on this page can also help you with budgeting your proposal and find sponsored funding opportunities. 

Steps in Developing a Proposal

Grants & Contracts Definitions


Grants Resource Center

A grant-seeking subscription service that includes a database of funding opportunities, sample proposals, legislative update, and more. Please contact the OSPR at for the username and password.

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Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning can help provide common data and assist with institutional-based research. 

Budget Items and Indirect Cost Rate

Budget items and their costs to aid in preparing your proposal's buget:


Contact University Print Services for current printing costs


$.58 as of January 1, 2018


$8.00 per diem (non-overnight travel)

Overnight Travel
GA positions

Contact the School of Graduate Studies and Research for current rates.

Undergrad positions

Contact the Payroll office for current rates.

Indirect Cost Rate