Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws

The Constitution and Bylaws of the Faculty Senate Of PennWest California

It is in the finest tradition of the academy that the faculty gathers together in a formal and democratic fashion to articulate, promote and defend the ideals of a university. It is both fitting and proper that the faculty do so. Those chosen to represent their colleagues shall be known as Senators and the body to which they belong shall be called the Faculty Senate.

As the largest deliberative, representative body of the faculty, the Senate shall, in its public discourse, promote intellectual life at the University and contribute to the academic leadership of the University.

The Faculty Senate shall be concerned with all issues important to the University including academic freedom, scholarship, self-governance, curriculum, and academic and professional standards.

Because the Senate is an independent body, it is free to pursue, without restraint, all issues of importance to the University. The Senate, when exploring these important university issues, may seek counsel from persons and entities both within and without the University.1 In its advocacy role, the Senate may sponsor forums, hold debates, and create committees to deliberate these important issues. Conclusions arrived at through these deliberations may result in recommendations to the University community. 

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Faculty Senate Information


Robert Mehalik
Vice President: Loring Prest
Secretary: Robin Weaver
Member at Large: None Appointed






TRIO & Academic Services 
(Lisa Driscoll)              
Jeanne Fazekas

Computer science, Information Systems, and Engineering Technology
(Joseph Schickel)
Brenton Wilburn

Paul Sible
Aleksandra Prokic
Biology, Geology, and Environmental Sciences
(Louise Nicholson)
Cassandra Kuba

Jesse Eiben
David Argent

Dan Harris
Business, Economics, and Enterprise Sciences
(Edmund Matecki)
Ahmet Akgun

Joshua Chicarelli

Mark Lennon

Candice Riley
Stephanie Adam
(Michael Perrotti)
Peter Cormas

Clover Wright

Bill Hug
Social Sciences
(Justin Hackett)
Mathilda Spencer

Kristen Schaffner

Carrie Elkin
Julie Warnick
Exercise Science & Sport Studies
(Justin Barroner)
Wendy Batts

Brian Oddi
Health and Human Service Profession (HHS)
(Azadeh Block)                      
Robert Mehalik

April Wright

Carolyn Wass
(Michael Slaven)
Andrea Cencick

Todd Pinkham

Elizabeth Larsen
Emily Sweitzer
Library Services
(Julia McGinnis)    
   Ryan Sittler
Culture, Media, and Performance
(Joel Press)
J.P. Staszel

Kimberly Vanderlaan

Math & Physical Sciences
(Swarn Gill)
Nursing & Allied Health
(Robin Weaver)
 Robin Weaver Nicole Evanick
Health  Sciences   
(Scott Zema)
Jimmy Hoover

Jeffery Giovannucci

Ayana (Lyles) Walker
Tami Sealy
Student Services
(John Massella)   
Jayna Bonfini Dawn Moeller