Act 48 Continuing Education Credits

Act 48 Continuing Education Credits

Act 48 requires Pennsylvania educators to complete ongoing professional education credits. All Pennsylvania educators holding public school certification including intern, instructional I and II, educational specialist I and II, administrative, supervisory, letter of eligibility and all vocational certificates, must participate.

Download the Act 48/45 form for credit courses. 

How can I earn Act 48 hours at Cal U?

As an approved provider, Cal U's graduate and undergraduate courses can be used to fulfill Act 48 requirements. 

  • To APPLY as a non-degree graduate student, complete the online application. Once accepted, the Graduate Office will assist you with registration.
  • For undergraduate courses, please APPLY as a non-degree undergraduate student.

How many hours of professional education activities do I need to acquire for each certification period?

180 hours of professional education activities must be completed and recorded for every five year certification period. Hours can only be entered for coursework or workshops completed after initial certification has been issued.

Additionally, professional education hours can not carry over to a new certification period. Hours can only be posted to the certification period in which they were completed.

How many course credits do I need to earn to fulfill my Act 48 requirement?

Each course credit earned is equivalent to 30 hours. For example, completing two, three-credit courses will fulfill the 180-hour requirement.

What if I already completed coursework at Cal U and I want it posted to PDE?

Act 48 hours are not automatically posted to the PDE by the University. As coursework is completed and/or workshop participation is fulfilled for Act 48, our submission form can be sent for processing to: Deborah A. Grubb, College of Education & Liberal Arts, Box 3, 250 University Avenue, California, PA 15419.

Please be aware that hours can only be posted to the certification period in which they were completed. Hours can only be entered for coursework or workshops completed after initial certification has been issued.

What if I completed my Act 48 coursework at another institution?

We only submit information to the PDE for courses and approved workshops completed through or sponsored by the University. If you've taken courses at other universities that you would like to count toward Act 48, please contact that institution.

Who should I contact?

  • For more information on Act 48 requirements, contact the College of Education & Liberal Arts at 724-938-4240 or email to Deborah A. Grubb at
  • For more information on Graduate Courses, contact the Graduate School 724-938-4187 or email Nikki Popielarcheck.
  • For more information on Undergraduate Courses (non-degree programs), contact Admissions at 724-938-4491 or email Toni Hartley

Download the Act 48/45 form for credit courses.

Effective July 1, 2013, providers will no longer be able to collect Social Security Numbers from educators on continuing professional education activity registration forms, sign-in/sign-out sheets at Act 48 professional development activities, or on forms used to collect information from educators in order to upload credits for completed course work. Educators can find their PPID and review hours previously posted by going to PDE's website at