Internship Registration Process

If you've secured an internship, congrats! You've already taken a big step toward building career experience and standing out the job market. To make sure you get the most out of your internship-and to ensure you get academic credit-follow these three simple steps.

  1. Meet with your faculty advisor
  2. Complete an internship application.
  3. Complete the required online trainings.


STEP 1: Meet with Your Faculty Advisor

Meet with Your Faculty Advisor to discuss the following:

  • Academic Department requirements for internship
  • Your eligibility to intern based on GPA and class rank (junior, senior, etc.)
  • The number of internship credits you're applying for
  • Approval of your internship job description and learning objectives


STEP 2: Complete the Internship Success Seminar

  1. Login to D2L Brightspace
  2. From the University Resources menu, click Self Registration
    Here you will find a list of courses available and if you are enrolled or not.
  3. Click the course/resource in which you wish to enroll.
  4. Click the Register button
  5. Brightspace will list your account information. Click the Submit button.
  6. A confirmation screen will load. Click the Finish button.
  7. Click the “Go to course offering…” link to proceed into the course/resource.
  8. To access the course in the future, all Self Registration courses/resources that you enroll in are available in the My Courses widget’s “Cal U Communities” semester heading.

Self-Registration Video- Available at

STEP 3: Complete an Internship Application in Handshake:

After talking to your faculty advisor, you're ready to complete your internship application. Note: Internship Applications must be completed on Handshake two weeks before the start of the semester.

  • Login to Handshake and complete an internship application. For detailed instructions read our Handshake Internship FAQ.
    • Because the application review and approval process can take up to two weeks, please plan accordingly if you have additional deadlines (scholarship, military funding.) Applications are reviewed and processed in the order they are submitted.
    • Once your application is approved, the Internship Center (fall & spring) or the Director of Summer College, (summer) will register you for your internship course. 

Have Questions?
Read the Handshake Internship FAQ or contact Cal U's Internship Center.