2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Academic Departments and Programs

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Academic programs are organized by academic department, which are (in turn) organized by college within the University. Below is a list of academic departments, by college. Information about specific academic programs is found under each department within the catalog. 

College of Education and Liberal Arts

Academic departments under the College of Education and Liberal Arts include:

  • Criminal Justice and Psychology: The Department of Criminal Justice and Psychology offers programs in criminal justice and psychology. 
  • Culture, Media, and Performance: The Department of Culture, Media, and Performance offers programs in art history; communication studies; English; graphic design; music; philosophy; and theatre.
  • Education: The Department of Education offers programs in administrative leadership; childhood education; secondary education; and special education. 
  • Health and Human Service Professions: The Department of Health and Human Service Professions offers programs in communication disorders; counselor education; social work; and women's studies. 
  • Humanities: The Department of Humanities offers programs in African American studies; art; history; global studies; jurisprudence; languages; liberal studies; political science; and sociology. 

(The federally funded TRIO program also is housed in this college.)

Eberly College of Science and Technology

Academic departments under Eberly College of Science and Technology include:

  • Biology, Geology and Environmental Sciences: The Department of Biology, Geology and Environmental Sciences offers programs in anthropology; biology; environmental studies; fisheries and wildlife; geology; molecular biology; and veterinary technology. 
  • Business, Economics and Enterprise Sciences: The Department of Business, Economics and Enterprise Sciences offers programs in accounting; business administration; economics; finance; human resource management; interdisciplinary studies in business and commerce; management; and marketing.
  • Computer Science, Information Systems and Engineering Technology: The Department of Computer Science, Information Systems and Engineering Technology offers programs in computer engineering technology; computer information systems; computer science; cybersecurity; digital media technology; electrical engineering technology; industrial technology; mechatronics engineering technology; robotics engineering technology; and unmanned aerial systems/drone technology. 
  • Exercise Science and Sport Studies: The Department of Exercise Science and Sport Studies offers programs in exercise science and sports management. 
  • Health Sciences: The Department of Health Sciences offers programs in athletic training; health sciences; and physical therapy assistant.
  • Mathematics and Physical Sciences: The Department of Mathematics and Physical Sciences offers programs in applied mathematics; chemistry; earth sciences; mathematics; physics; and statistics and data science.
  • Nursing and Allied Health: The Department of Nursing and Allied Health offers programs in radiologic technology and nursing.

Additional Programming

  • General Education Degree
  • Honors Program
  • Military Science (ROTC)
  • Science and Technology: Multidisciplinary Studies Degree

Selecting a Major

Students should select a major by either the end of the third regular semester or upon the completion of 45 credit hours. This does not prohibit students from changing their major later in their careers; however, they will have difficulty completing requirements within eight semesters if they change majors after three semesters. Students who do not wish to pursue either a single discipline or course of study have interdisciplinary program options.