Campus Safety

Campus Safety at PennWest California

The safety of our students, employees and visitors is a top priority.

Student pet a K-9 officer on campus.

Nothing is more important than making the PennWest California campus a place where we all can live, learn and work in a safe, secure environment.

Statistics show that California is one of the safest college towns in Pennsylvania. And our professional PennWest California Police Department is on duty around the clock, every day of the year, to respond to emergencies, enforce the law and University regulations, and investigate incidents on campus.

Fire alarms and sprinkler systems are installed in all campus buildings, including residence halls and Vulcan Village apartments. Security cameras in key locations, and emergency call-boxes in parking lots and other public areas, also enhance security at PennWest California.

Emergency Numbers

To request assistance or report a crime:

  • 4357 (HELP)
  • 724-938-4357
  • 911

Visit the police station in the Pollock Building on Hamer Way, near the railroad crossing.

Emergency Text Alerts

PennWest California Alerts

Students are encouraged to register for PennWest California Alerts, our emergency text alert system. PennWest California Alerts are used to notify the campus community about situations that pose an imminent physical threat, including severe weather conditions that result in classes being delayed or cancelled.

When the PennWest California Alerts system is activated, registered users receive a brief text message that states the type of threat and indicates what action should be taken. Please follow those directions immediately, then check with the PennWest California website,, for further information, including follow-up details as the emergency is resolved.

Students must register online with their campus username and password to receive emergency text alerts, and they must renew their registration each year. Each user may register two cellphone numbers to receive the alerts.