Parking for PennWest California Students

Are you bringing your car to campus?

Whether you live in University housing or commute to PennWest California from home, you'll need to register for on-campus parking.

At PennWest California, a variety of parking options are available, including accommodations for drivers with handicapped placards.

Register for Parking

Students register for parking online. You'll add your name to a waitlist for the parking lot you prefer.

When you are assigned to a parking area, you'll receive an Award Letter by email. It explains how you can purchase a parking permit to display on your vehicle. This "hang-tag" permit is required to park on campus, unless you are using one of the pay-by-meter spaces in Lot 11 or Lot 17.

Parking regulations are enforced 24/7 during the spring and fall semesters, and special permits are issued for parking at PennWest California during the summer term.

Parking Options

Students may select a Tier 1 or Tier 2 parking area:

  • Tier 1: $150 per semester
  • Tier 2: $100 per semester
  • Handicapped: $100 per semester

Tier 2 locations include Lot 4 (the River Lot), Lot 14 and Roadman Park. Other gated and ungated lots are considered Tier 1 locations.

Handicapped spaces are located in Tier 1 parking lots, but any driver assigned to a handicapped space will pay the Tier 2 rate.

Your parking permit is renewable each semester. As a permit holder, you'll get an email when it's time to renew your parking permit online.


Your Responsibility

No one likes to pay a parking ticket, but if you have registered for a parking permit, you are responsible for any citations issued for that permit - even if a friend was driving your car.

If you have unpaid parking fines, a "hold" will be placed on your University account and you won't be able to register for classes or receive a transcript of your grades.
And keep track of that hang-tag!

There is a $30 replacement fee for permits that are lost or not returned when they expire.

Vulcan Village

Parking is included in the lease agreement for students who live at Vulcan Village. You can park your car near your Vulcan Village apartment and ride the free Vulcan Flyer shuttle to and from the main campus.

If you need to park regularly on the main campus, you must purchase a parking permit. If you're just dropping by, you can use one of the pay-by-meter spaces in Lot 11 or Lot 17.