Application Process

How to Apply to PennWest California

Whether you're an incoming freshman, a graduate student or an international student, PennWest California is ready to welcome you.

Application Process for All U.S. Students 

Apply as an Undergraduate Student

Incoming first-year students seeking admission to a PennWest California associate or bachelor's degree program must submit these documents:

  • Your completed application.
  • $35 application fee.
  • Your official high school transcript, which includes class rank, and GED certificate and scores (if applicable).
  • SAT or American College Test (ACT) scores. (This requirement may be waived for applicants who have been out of high school for at least two years or have earned 12 college-level credits.)

Send all correspondence and official documents to:

PennWest California
Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Box 94
250 University Ave.
California, PA 15419

Undergraduate Requirements: Students admitted to PennWest California as undergraduates have completed a rigorous high school curriculum providing the skills and knowledge required for academic success in college. Core high school courses for regular admission include: 

Language Arts and Literacy, 4 years

Required: English I, II, III and IV. Content may include language, communications, writing, composition, research, logic, technical and business reading and writing, informational text, media, and literature.

Mathematics, 3 years

Required: Content that incorporates the equivalent of Algebra I, geometry and a third-year course in either Algebra II or a rigorous course based in probability or statistics. Mathematics or a mathematical-based science course taken in the senior year is highly recommended.

Science, 3 years

Required: Content that incorporates the equivalent of biology (with lab), chemistry (with lab), and other inquiry-based lab or technical science such as physics, engineering, or environmental or Earth science. 

Social Studies, 3 years

Required: Content that incorporates the equivalent of civics, U.S. history, world history, geography or economics, so students understand the influence of heritage, cultural context, diversity and global perspective.

Apply to the School of Graduate Studies and Research

Students who are seeking admission to a graduate program of study, including master's degree, doctorate or graduate certificate programs, must submit:

  • Your completed graduate application.
  • Evidence of a bachelor's degree from a college or university accredited by the National Commission on Accreditation or the appropriate regional accrediting agency.
  • Official transcript of your undergraduate work from an accredited institution showing at least a 3.00 grade-point average on a 4-point scale, sent by the granting institution. (Other transcripts may be required for admission to certain programs.) 

We are able to access PennWest California transcripts, so you don't need to provide them. Submit other official transcripts to:

School of Graduate Studies and Research
PennWest California
250 University Ave.
California, PA 15419

Graduate Requirements: Admission requirements for graduate-level programs at PennWest California vary by program. Some master's and doctorate degree programs may require prerequisite undergraduate coursework. Check your academic program for specific admissions requirements.

Please note that admission to an academic program does not carry with it admission to candidacy for the degree.

We urge students to apply for admission to PennWest California graduate programs as early as possible, preferably no later than three weeks before the session in which you plan to enroll.

Application Process for International Students

PennWest California invites undergraduate and graduate students from countries outside the United States to enroll in on-campus or online programs.

Learn more about applying to study on PennWest California's campus as an international student. International application information.

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