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Women's Studies Undergraduate Minor

About the Women's Studies Minor

Develop a greater respect for diverse populations - and understand yourself better, too.

Reconsider your assumptions about women, men and gender as you enhance your degree with a minor in women's studies from California University of Pennsylvania.

This 21-credit minor program gives you a framework for examining your experiences and identity within the context of individual, family, national and global systems.

The women's studies curriculum encourages you to analyze the complex intersections of individual and cultural factors, such as gender, sex, race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, age, religion and ability. You will examine how these factors relate to power, oppression and social justice, and affect:

  • Intimate relationships.
  • Family responsibilities.
  • Paid work and unpaid work experiences.

Think deeply about issues that shape your view of the world.

Cal U students in the women's studies program engage with interesting and timely topics. They explore factual information and then consider how it influences their views of life, love, women, men, media, politics, healthcare and much more.

These topics are both intriguing and invigorating, students say. The women's studies curriculum also requires students to reflect, personally and professionally, on what they have learned through their formal education and social/cultural experiences. This makes the women's studies minor a meaningful addition to any academic major.  

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: Women's Studies Minor

Career-focused skills: Students in the women' studies program hone their skills in critical analysis and develop the thinking, writing and speaking skills essential to high performance in any career field. Most students who take women's studies courses, especially those who complete the minor, report that they've learned a great deal and enjoyed their classes. In fact, many students say these classes should be required for all students.

Growth opportunities: Women's studies minors have first access to personal and professional development activities, including a three-day Design Your Life retreat and a weeklong off-campus women's leadership conference. Students also have many opportunities outside of class to engage in activism and, as Gandhi said, "be the change you wish to see in the world."

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Number of credits required for a women's studies minor at Cal U.
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Pittsburgh is one of the locations with the highest concentration of women's studies graduates. Others are Ann Arbor, Mich., and Madison, Wis. SOURCE: www.dataisa.io
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Benefits of the Minor

Students who take courses in women's studies are better prepared to work with colleagues and clients from diverse backgrounds. Employers often prioritize hiring candidates who appreciate and respect diversity and who can work successfully with diverse populations. Students can complete the minor on campus or online.

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Graduate Outcomes

Students in the women's studies minor gain a fresh perspective on leadership and negotiation, developing the confidence to negotiate for higher salaries throughout their careers. Program graduates are employed in roles such as: Administrators in human services and human rights organizations. Social workers and victim advocates. Business owners and union organizers. Communications and public relations professionals. Nurses, public health educators and health clinic coordinators. Teachers, professors and librarians.

Women's Studies Minor in Women's Studies
A Cal U student poses for a photo during an internship.

Raise your awareness

Grow in understanding and awareness as you learn about the experiences of groups not often highlighted in traditional curricula. Through increased knowledge, new perspectives and self-reflection, you'll come to know yourself better, too. 

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Added value

A minor in women's studies can add to your college experience and help your resume stand out. It demonstrates your interest in people whose background and ideas may be different from your own, as well as your respect for diverse populations.

Women's Studies Courses

Example Courses
  • Introduction To Women's Studies
  • Selected Topics In Women's Studies
  • Gender, Race And Media
  • International Violence: Focused On Women
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender And Queer Studies
  • Capstone: Advanced Women's Studies
  • Internship In Women's Studies

Women's Studies Faculty

Dr. Marta S. McClintock-Comeaux
Professor and Director of the Office of Women's Studies


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