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Sport Management Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.)

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Prepare for a career in the multi-billion-dollar sport industry.

Get in the game with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management from California University of Pennsylvania. The four-year, on-campus program at Cal U blends theoretical knowledge of sport management with practical, hands-on experience, so you'll acquire the skills that employers in today's sport business environment demand.

The bachelor's degree in sport management from Cal U prepares students for careers in many arenas, including:

  • Interscholastic and intercollegiate athletics.
  • Sport marketing.
  • Facility and event management.
  • Sport sales.

Recent graduates have job titles including inside sales representative, food and beverage supervisor, merchandise assistant, ice rink manager, soccer program coordinator, site manager and athletic operations assistant.

Practical experience builds skills - and a strong professional network.

Students in Cal U's sport management program apply their classroom learning to multiple real-life experiences in the business of sport. Volunteer opportunities and a full-time capstone internship give students practical experience and opportunities to network with sport industry professionals.

Throughout the program, students begin building a resume while learning the importance of effective communication, professional development, networking and leadership - precisely the skills that future sport business professionals need.


Fast start: Beginning with their very first semester, students in the sport management degree program get volunteer work experience while completing the Practica in Sport Management course. Volunteer opportunities are provided at a variety of on-campus and off-campus sites that offer a wide range of sport business experiences. For example, students may volunteer with Cal U athletics, local high school athletic programs, area YMCAs, the Pittsburgh Marathon, Special Olympics and more.

Strong finish: After completing all required coursework for the sport management major, Cal U students undertake a 12-credit internship that mirrors a full-time position in the sport business industry. Students select the site for this capstone experience, which in many cases leads to career growth opportunities, including full-time employment. Students also are encouraged to attend conferences, workshops and other professional development events within the sport management field.

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Student-to-faculty ratio at Cal U.
credit hours for the on-campus bachelor's degree in sport management can be completed in eight semesters or four years.
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Degree Benefits

Students in the bachelor's degree program in sport management at Cal U develop skills that employers within the current sport business environment are seeking. Unique courses such as Sales Techniques in Sport and Sport Communications meet the industry's latest technological and hiring demands; courses such as Sport Law and Finance and Economics of Sport provide a solid foundation for employment in a variety of settings.

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Graduate Outcomes

Graduates of Cal U's sport management studies program have found employment within all sectors of the sport management profession, including professional sports, minor league sports, amateur sports, community and recreational sports, and for-profit and nonprofit organizations. For example, recent graduates have found jobs with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Penguins, Johnstown Tomahawks and Washington Wild Things; the IceoPlex at Southpointe and Colorado Rapids Soccer Club; Nike and GNC; Pittsburgh Sports League; and the Soccer Shots children's program, British Swim School and St. Albans School.

Sport Management Studies - Bachelor's Degree

Faculty and Alumni Support

Students in the sport management program learn from faculty members who combine teaching expertise with a broad range of sport and business backgrounds. In addition, the program embraces a strong corps of sport management alumni who serve as mentors and networking partners for current students and recent graduates. Since its inception in 1999, the B.S. in Sport Management has been one of Cal U's most popular majors.


Beyond the classroom

Membership in the Sport Management Club offers opportunities for students to meet others with similar interests, and to offset some costs that might be associated with networking and professional development activities. The program also works closely with the Career and Professional Development Center to help students secure job shadowing experiences and internships, and to participate in mock interviews, resume reviews, job fairs and other career development activities.

Sport Management Studies Bachelor's Degree

Students who complete the 100% online B.S. in Sport Management Studies learn practical approaches and results-focused strategies to meet the changing needs of organizations throughout the sports industry.


Course Credits
Freshman Year  
First Semester 14
ENG 101  English Composition I 3
SPT 100  Introduction to Sport Management 3
SPT 101  Practica in Sport Management 1
UNI 100  First-Year Seminar 1
General Education/Elective Courses 6
Second Semester 18
SPT 300  Psychology of Sport 3
SPT 325  Sport and Society  OR  SOC 309  Sociology of Sport 3
General Education/Elective Courses 12
Sophomore Year  
Third Semester 15
SPT 305  Ethics in Sport 3
SPT 320  Administration of Intercollegiate Athletic Programs
SPT 330  Global and International Sport 3
General Education/Elective Courses
Fourth Semester 16
SPT 310  Sport Marketing 3
SPT 315  Facility and Event Management 3
SPT 316  Practica in Facility and Event Management 1
SPT 360  Sports Communication  OR  CDC 305  Sport Communication and Media 3
General Education/Elective Courses 6
Junior Year  
Fifth Semester 16
SPT 311  Sales Techniques in Sport Ind.
SPT 312  Prac. in Sport Sales 1
SPT 340  History of Sport  OR  HIS 348  History of American Sport
SPT 400  Legal Aspects of Sport
General Education/Elective Courses 6
Sixth Semester 15
SPT 410  Governance in Sport
SPT 425  Organization and Administration of Sport
General Education/Elective Courses
Senior Year  
Seventh Semester 15
SPT 405  Finance and Economics of Sport
SPT 430  Sport Management Senior Seminar
General Education/Elective Courses 9
Eighth Semester 12
SPT 499  Internship in Sport Management 12

Program Notes

  • Dev. Math and Eng. courses do NOT count toward graduation. 
  • Once a student matriculates into the program, they may not transfer major courses into Cal U.
  • Students must have a 2.0 GPA prior to enrolling in SPT 499.
  • A business minor is strongly encouraged.

B.S., Sport Management Studies

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Sport Management Faculty

Justin Barroner, PGA, MS, MBA
Chair of the Department of Exercise Science and Sport Studies / PGM Program Director

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Wendy Batts
Adjunct Professor

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Dr. Lindsay Hammond
Assistant Professor

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Dr. Barry E. McGlumphy

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Dr. Laura Miller
Professor, Sport Management Program Director

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Assistant Professor

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Associate Professor

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