Secondary Education - Social Studies Concentration

Secondary Education - Social Studies Concentration Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.Ed.)

About Secondary Education Social Studies Concentration

Positively impact the future as a middle or high school social studies teacher.

Promote civic responsibility and social engagement with a bachelor's degree in secondary education with a social studies concentration from PennWest California. This undergraduate program meets all education requirements for teaching certification in Pennsylvania, so you can graduate career-ready.

At PennWest California, you'll learn from the best. All core professors in this program have doctorate degrees and years of real-world teaching experience in middle and high school classrooms.

Gain teaching experience while earning your bachelor's degree.

  • Combine courses in college-level social studies with classes in the latest teaching methods, and learn best practices for the instruction of social studies.
  • Participate in fieldwork and student teaching to develop your skills and help you stand out in the secondary education job market.


Strong Reputation
PennWest California was founded as a teachers college, and we've been producing top-quality Pennsylvania educators for more than 165 years.

Top Accreditation: This  degree program is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. In addition, the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) accredits PennWest California. CAEP promotes excellence in educator preparation through quality assurance and continuous improvement. See CAEP reporting measures of program impact and outcomes.


Average annual salary for secondary education teachers in Pennsylvania. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
Field experiences in local Pennsylvania schools prior to student teaching.
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Degree Benefits

In this affordable bachelor's degree program you'll expand your knowledge of social studies while gaining mastery of the latest practices and theories in social studies education.

  • Study social studies curriculum development techniques.

  • Learn top strategies in classroom management.

  • Master classroom technology tools for teaching social studies.

  • Deepen your knowledge of history, anthropology, U.S. politics, geography and other related topics.

  • Gain real-world teaching experience in Pennsylvania schools.

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Graduate Outcomes

As a graduate of this program you'll be prepared to teach secondary education social studies, history and related subjects at public, private or charter schools. You can also pursue graduate-level study in education and teaching. Program alumni employers include dozens of schools in Pennsylvania and across the country.

Social Studies Certification Secondary Education - Bachelor's Degree
Dr. Michael Perotti gives instruction on a computer for social studies.

Professors with First-hand Knowledge

Study best practices in social studies teaching with our experienced faculty. For example, Dr. Michael Perrotti has 15 years of teaching experience in public schools, including time serving as chair of the social studies department.


Course Spotlight: Teaching of Social Studies

Coordinate your knowledge of the social studies disciplines (history, geography, civics and government, economics, anthropology, psychology and sociology) with a range of teaching strategies for grades 7-12. Emphasis is given to the design, delivery and assessment methods that meet Pennsylvania academic standards for social studies education.


Action Research Project

As a secondary education major, you'll carry out an action research project to investigate how your teaching impacts students' learning. You'll also have opportunities to perform research in social studies in your courses and through the Center for Undergraduate Research.

Social Studies Concentration Secondary Education Bachelor's Degree Courses

Our rigorous courses are constantly evolving to equip you with the most up-to-date theories and practices in the field of social studies education. Undergraduate degree program classes and fieldwork fulfill state requirements for Pennsylvania teaching certification.



Course Credits
General Education Courses 40 or 41
Building a Sense of Community
UNI 100  First-Year Seminar
ENG 101  English Composition I 
Public Speaking
EDU 350  Supporting English Language Learners
Mathematics and Quantitative Literacy
MAT Course
Health and Wellness
Any Health and Wellness Course
Technological Literacy
EDU 333  Technology in Teaching and Learning 
ESP 210  Special Education Foundation and Collaboration 
Fine Arts
Any Fine Arts Course
Natural Sciences
Any Natural Sciences Course with Lab
3 or 4
Social Sciences
PSY 100  General Psychology
Ethics and Multicultural Awareness Emphasis
EDU 310  Teaching in a Multicultural Society
General Education Options
  • POS 105  American Politics
  • MAT Course
  • Approved U.S./British Literature Course
Required Concentration Courses 39
SEC 210  Intro to Secondary Ed 3
SEC 220  Standards-based Instruction 3
SEC 310  Instructional Strategies 3
SEC 350  Content Area Literacy 3
SEC 360  Technology Integration 3
SEC 396  Teaching of Social Studies 3
SEC 400  Classroom Management 3
SEC 420  Assessment and Interventions 3
SEC 460  Professional Practices 3
SEC 461  Student Teaching 12
Required Education Foundation Courses* 6
ESP 311  Assessment and Positive Interventions 3
ESP 413  Evidence-Based Practices 3
Related Content Courses 36
PSY 206  Adolescent Psychology 3
ANT 100  Intro to Anthropology 3
ECO 100  Elements of Economics 3
GEO 100  Introduction to Geography 3
SOC 100  Principles of Sociology 3
HIS 101  U.S. History to 1877 3
HIS 102  U.S. History since 1877 3
HIS 104  History of Western Society to 1500  OR  HIS 111  World Civilization to 1500 3
HIS 106  History of Western Society since 1500  OR  HIS 112  World Civilizations since 1500 3
HIS 3XX  Non-Western Elective 3
HIS 3XX  Elective 3
Social Studies Elective 3
Total 121

Additional requirements not counted toward the General Education requirements and included in this program are:

  • Special Experience Course (1 course required): SEC 461 Student Teaching
  • Writing-Intensive Component Courses (2 courses required): SEC 420 Assessment and Interventions AND SEC 460 Professional Practices
  • Laboratory Course (1 course required): Student Selected (science recommended)

* EDU 333, 310, 350 and ESP 210 fulfill general education requirements but are also considered "Required Education Foundation Courses." POS 105 fulfills general education requirements and is also considered part of the "Required Content Courses."

Program Notes: This is a professional program. All courses listed as program requirements must be passed with a grade of C or higher. Math and English courses must also be passed with a grade of C or higher. Many SEC courses are linked to include field experiences and must be taken together as co-requisites. LiveText software is a requirement of this program. Social Studies elective begins with ANT, PSY, ECO, GEO, POS, SOC or HIS.

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