Psychology Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

About Psychology

Delve into the fascinating science of the mind with a bachelor's degree in psychology.

Gain scientific insight into the feelings, behaviors and thoughts that permeate our lives. A bachelor's degree in psychology from California University of Pennsylvania trains you in the theories and practices of general psychology - focusing on typical and atypical human and animal behaviors - while giving you a broad background in undergraduate liberal arts. 

This career-oriented degree program teaches you how to apply the scientific method to human problems, preparing you to excel in a wide variety of jobs and graduate study.

Discover Cal U's experiential approach to education.

  • Engage in psychology research projects and on-site psychological observations.  
  • Participate in psychology internships in mental health centers, HR departments, zoological institutions and more.


Specialization: Cal U encourages psychology students to take five courses in the area that interests them most: clinical/counseling, social/applied, educational/school psychology or cognitive/experimental. 

Flexibility: This degree program can accommodate both full- and part-time students, students with or without professional experience, and incoming freshmen and transfer students.

School Psychology Clinic: Cal U's Psychology Department operates a clinic that offers psychological testing services to evaluate behavioral or learning issues, assist with career exploration, assess kindergarten readiness and more. Services are available to the public and to Cal U students and employees. Learn about the School Psychology Clinic.


Of Cal U psychology program graduates since 2013 are in jobs or enrolled in graduate school. Fifty-one percent went directly into employment and 49% pursued master's degree programs.
Areas of specialization are offered within the psychology curriculum so students can hone their expertise.
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Degree Benefits

Psychology degree courses will develop your ethical decision-making, critical thinking and empathy skills. Knowledge obtained in psychology classes can improve relationships, increase self-awareness and strengthen social skills. You will also gain valuable instruction in:

  • Statistical techniques used in psychology.

  • Applying psychological concepts to understand (and help others undrstand) our complex world.

  • Conducting  psychological research, including institutional review board approval, data collection and the interpretation of results.

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Graduate Outcomes

A bachelor's degree in psychology from Cal U prepares you for advanced training in psychology, and graduate study in law, medicine or business. Program graduates also find immediate jobs in mental health settings, group homes, hospitals and other helping institutions. Alumni employers include:

  • Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.
  • Southwestern Pennsylvania Human Services.
  • Try Again Homes.
  • Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic.
Psychology - Bachelor of Science Degree

Psychology Bachelor of Science Degree Courses and Related Programs

This professional bachelor's degree program focuses on the study and explanation of patterns of individual behavior, thoughts, and emotions. Courses emphasize strong foundations in the scientific methods of psychology, as well as the liberal arts.


Course Credits
Freshman Year  
First-Semester 15
ENG 101  English Composition I 3
PSY 100  General Psychology 3
UNI 100  First-Year Seminar 1
General Education Courses 8 to 9
Second Semester 15
ENG 102  English Composition II 3
PSY 220  Descriptive Statistics in Psychology 3
General Education Courses 9
Sophomore Year  
Third Semester 15
PSY 331  Inferential Statistics in Psychology 3
Psychology Lab Course 3
Psychology Content Course  3
General Education OR Minor Courses
Fourth Semester 15
PSY 345  History and Systems of Psychology  3
Psychology Lab Course 3
Psychology Content Course 3
General Education OR Minor Courses 6
Junior Year  
Fifth Semester 15
PSY 365  Research Methods in Psychology 
Psychology Lab Course 3
Psychology Content Course
General Education OR Minor Courses 6
Sixth Semester 15
Psychology Lab Course 3
Psychology Content Course
PSY OR Minor Courses 6
General Education OR Minor Course 3
Senior Year  
Seventh Semester 15
PSY 460  Senior Seminar: Special Topics  OR  PSY/GEN ED/MINOR Course 3
PSY, General Education OR Minor Courses 9
PSY OR Minor Course 3
Eighth Semester 15
PSY 460  Senior Seminar: Special Topics  OR  PSY/GEN ED/MINOR Course 3
PSY, General Education OR Minor Courses 12
Total 120

42 credits of upper-level courses are required.

Required Major Courses

  • PSY 100  General Psychology
  • PSY 220  Descriptive Statistics in Psychology
  • PSY 331  Interferential Statistics in Psychology
  • PSY 345  History and Systems in Psychology
  • PSY 365  Research Methods in Psychology
  • PSY 460  Senior Seminar: Special Topics in Psychology

Research Competency (choose 12 credits)

  • PSY 301  Sensation and Perception Lab
  • PSY 306  Cognitive Psychology Lab
  • PSY 335  Advanced Learning Lab
  • PSY 340  Psychological Measurement Lab
  • PSY 350  Principles of Behavior Modification
  • PSY 415  Childhood Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice
  • PSY 420  Social Psychology Lab
  • PSY 425  Senior Project
  • PSY 430  Physiological Psychology 
  • PSY 469  Internship (3 to 6 credits)

Psychology Electives (choose 15 credits)

Any PSY courses NOT used to complete the above requirements


Psychology Minor:
Cal U also offers a 21-credit minor in psychology for any undergraduate interested in a systematic study of behavior and mental processes. Courses include PSY100 General Psychology, PSY220 Descriptive Statistics in Psychology, and five elective classes in psychology (two at the 200 level and three at the 300 or 400 level).

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Alumni Success Story #1

Meet Becky S. Karluk. After earning a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in counselor education from Cal U, Becky became a guidance counselor with the Central Greene School District in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, where she is responsible for 600 students, all student records and all state and achievement testing.

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Psychology Degree Careers

What can you do with a degree in psychology? While we typical think of psychologists in a clinical setting with a master’s degree or higher, there are plenty of career options for students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Learn More
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Psychology Club + Psi Chi

Meet other students interested in psychology, hear speakers from various community agencies that involve psychological services, and learn about ongoing psychology research by joining Cal U's Psychology Club. And if you maintain a high GPA, you will be invited to join Psi Chi - the international honor society for psychology students that offers networking opportunities, service projects, academic prestige and more.

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