Mathematics Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.)

About Mathematics

Develop knowledge in pure mathematics and the natural sciences.

The analytical and problem-solving skills you'll learn with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics at PennWest California can help with your learning in all disciplines as well as open the way to many career paths.

The bachelor's degree in mathematics provides a solid background in the foundations, theory and applications of mathematics, including:

  • Training in basic statistics, calculus, multivariate calculus, logic theory, proofs, problem solving and various types of analysis (real, complex and/or numerical).
  • Software training for mathematical problem solving in industry.

Gain specialized skills for in-demand careers.

The B.A. math degree program in mathematics offers an active undergraduate research group that gives participating students the chance to get published and present their work.

When paired with the concentration in statistics, bachelor degree in Mathematics students also can earn an SAS certificate and will be prepared to take SAS certification exams.  SAS is a recognized leader in business intelligence and analytics, and data management software and services.  

PennWest California math graduates are well prepared to become future researchers in all areas of mathematics. Math graduates also can choose from a wide range of career opportunities. Here's just a sampling: accountant, auditor, banker, economist, FBI agent, industrial engineer, lawyer, securities analyst, tax administrator and technical writer.


Solid foundation: The 120-credit-hour bachelor's degree  mathematics provides students with entry-level skills for a variety of vocations and professions, and preparation for graduate school.  Students develop abilities to translate workplace problems into mathematical terms to find solutions and develop new theories to address business, industrial and government problems.

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Credit hours for the degree in mathematics can be completed in eight semesters or four years.
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Degree Benefits

Students in the bachelor's degree in math program receive a well-rounded education, completing a range of courses in mathematics (from algebra and calculus to differential equations), as well as courses in chemistry or physics, and a choice of electives. Your degree prepares you for many career opportunities and for the option of pursuing a graduate degree.

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Graduate Outcomes

Employment of mathematicians is projected to grow 21% through 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. Mathematicians are in demand throughout the business world. Students who study statistics also can go on for SAS certification, gaining a competitive edge in the workplace. PennWest California mathematics graduates are employed in top companies such as Fed Ex and Westmoreland Intermediate Unit, and in a range of positions in Pennsylvania, including at area school districts (Carmichaels Area, Peters Township, South Eastern Greene and Stafford County), Pittsburgh Public Schools, Trinity High School and Uniontown Area High School.

Mathematics: Bachelor of Arts Degree
A PennWest California student is dressed in a business outfit for his internship.

Valuable Internships

PennWest California makes internships a major component of a student's education. An internship is a formal, for-credit arrangement that gives you the opportunity to study and experience professional career interests outside the classroom but under PennWest California's supervision. Math majors have done internships with leading employers, including U.S. Steel, PTC and Mylan.

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Math Matters

The role of mathematicians in business will become more and more important. The reason: The amount of digitally stored data will increase over the next decade as more people and companies conduct business online and use social media, smartphones and other mobile devices. Businesses rely on employees with strong math skills to analyze the large amount of information and data collected to improve their business processes, design and develop new products, and even advertise products to potential customers.

A faculty member stands in front of a marker-board with diagrams drawn on it.

Expert Faculty

PennWest California math faculty members are practicing professionals in their fields who can share real-world knowledge and experience with students in the classroom, and contribute to the development and content of a strong curriculum. PennWest California's math educators are dedicated to excellence in teaching.  Our math professors have earned their doctorates from such top schools as University of California, San Diego; University of Massachusetts at Amherst; and the University of Pittsburgh.

B.A., Mathematics - Courses

Bachelor's degree courses provide in-depth study of mathematics, as well as exploration of the natural sciences.


Course Credits
General Education Courses 42
Building a Sense of Community
UNI 100  First-Year Seminar
ENG 101  English Composition I
Public Speaking
Any Public Speaking Course
Mathematics and Quantitative Literacy
MAT 215  Statistics  OR  MAT 225  Business Statistics (recommended)
Health and Wellness
Any Health and Wellness Course
Technological Literacy
Any Technological Literacy
PHI 311  Formal Logic
Fine Arts
Any Fine Arts Course
Natural Sciences
CHE 101  General Chemistry I  OR  PHY 101  College Physics I
Social Sciences
Any Social Sciences Course
General Education Options
  • Any Ethics and Multicultural Awareness Emphasis Course
  • CHE 102  General Chemistry II  OR  PHY 102  College Physics II
  • MAT 303  Geometry (recommended)
  • MAT 290  Technology for Math (recommended)
Required Major Courses 30
MAT 272  Discrete Mathematics 3
MAT 281  Calculus I 3
MAT 282  Calculus II 3
MAT 341  Linear Algebra I 3
MAT 351  Abstract Algebra I 3
MAT 381  Calculus III 3
MAT 382  Calculus IV 3
MAT 400  Mathematical Modeling 3
MAT 461  Statistical Analysis I 3
MAT 406  Differential Equations 3
Related Electives 12
MAT Category I (select one):
  • MAT 451  Abstract Algebra II
  • MAT 481  Real Analysis I
  • MAT 474  Complex Analysis
MAT Category II (select two):
  • MAT 441  Linear Algebra II
  • MAT 462  Statistical Analysis II
  • CSC 424  Numerical Analysis
MAT Category III (select one):
  • MAT 419  Math Internship
  • PHY 341  Math Methods of Physics
  • MAT 304  History of Math
  • MAT 468  Field Experience in Math
  • CSC 475  Theory of Languages
  • MAT 496  Senior Research Project
Approved Minor* 18 to 21
Free Electives 15 to 18
Total 120

Additional requirements, not counted toward the General Education requirements, include:

  • Special Experience Course (1 course required): Any MAT Special Experience Course
  • Writing-Intensive Component Courses (2 courses required): MAT 400 Mathematical Modeling AND MAT 461 Statistical Analysis I
  • Laboratory Course (1 course required): CHE 102 General Chemistry II OR PHY 102 College Physics II

* Must declare minor with the dean of the Eberly College of Science and Technology.