English: Creative Writing Concentration

English: Creative Writing Concentration Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

About Creative Writing

Skilled writers are in demand in every sector of today's economy.

As an English major with a concentration in creative writing from California University of Pennsylvania, you will progress from the fundamentals to advanced techniques of fiction, drama, poetry and nonfiction.

This bachelor's degree program gives you the creative and critical expertise to express yourself in compelling literary works - and prepares you to apply professional writing skills to a wide range of careers.

Learn and create at Cal U.

  • Receive a broad foundation in language and literature. The creative writing concentration is part of Cal U's fully accredited bachelor's degree program in English. 
  • Take a hands-on approach to creative writing by completing full-length texts and sharing your work with the Pennsylvania press.
  • Complete three professional creative writing-related internships and graduate job-ready.


Experienced faculty: Cal U's low student-to-teacher ratio means you'll be closely mentored by professors in your major, all of whom have published prose and poetry. 

Emphasis on publication skills: In addition to teaching you to write like pro, creative writing courses show you how to edit, polish and publish your work - essential skills in today's literary marketplace.

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average salary for writers and authors in Pennsylvania. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
of Fortune 1000 executives rate writing as an "essential" job skill. Source: MetLife
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Degree Benefits

The English degree program takes an applied approach to creative writing, ensuring plenty of opportunities outside of the classroom. You can:

  • Publish in or help to produce our literary magazine, The Inkwell.

  • Become a student mentor at the Writing Center.

  • Present your work at conferences in Pennsylvania and beyond.

  • Participate in on-campus literary readings.

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Graduate Outcomes

Cal U creative writing students find careers as writers, proofreaders, editors and publishers. They also thrive in advertising, business and the nonprofit world. Our alumni job titles include:

  • Author, Victory Belt Publishing.
  • Language teacher, YBM ECC in South Korea.
  • Editor of the news magazine California Bridges.
  • Financial sales consultant, PNC Bank.
  • Clinical social worker, Southwest Regional Medical.
Creative Writing Concentration English - Bachelor's Degree

The Inkwell

Are you interested in an editorial career? You can get real-world experience at Cal U's premiere creative-writing journal, The Inkwell, produced by our Publishing The Magazine class.

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Careers at a Glance

What can you do with a creative writing degree? Program graduate Marshal Carper '09 is a freelance writer and content marketing consultant. He has published a novel, The Cauliflower Chronicles, and co-authored three books about martial arts.

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Faculty Spotlight

Meet creative writing professor Dr. Carole Waterhouse. She is the author of three novels -The Tapestry Baby, Without Wings and Winsome's Delight - and the short story collection The Paradise Ranch. Dr. Waterhouse has an MFA in fiction, a Ph.D. in 20th-century literature, and has reviewed books for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the New York Times.

Creative Writing Concentrations - English Bachelor's Degree Courses

Cal U's bachelor of arts degree program in English offers comprehensive creative writing courses in poetry, fiction, drama and nonfiction that prepare students to become professional writers.


Course Credits
Freshman Year  
First Semester 16
ENG 101  English Composition I 3
UNI 100  First-Year Seminar 1
General Education Courses 12
Second Semester 15
ENG 102  English Composition II  OR  Equivalent 3
General Education Courses 12
Sophomore Year  
Third Semester 15
Creative Writing Course 3
Literature Core Course
Writing Core Course
General Education  OR  Elective Courses
Fourth Semester 15
Creative Writing Course 3
Literature Core Course
Writing Core Course
General Education  OR  Elective Courses
Junior Year  
Fifth Semester 15
Creative Writing Course 3
Literature Core Course
Writing Core Course
General Education  OR  Elective Courses
Sixth Semester 15
Creative Writing Course 3
Literature Core Course
General Education  OR  Elective Courses 
Senior Year  
Seventh Semester 15
ENG 499  English Studies Capstone Class 3
Creative Writing Course 3
General Education  OR  Elective Courses 9
Eighth Semester 15
Creative Writing Seminar 3
General Education OR Elective Courses 12
Total 120

All English majors are required to take two writing-intensive courses from among the following: ENG 334, 337, 448.

At least 42 credits of the required 120 credits must include upper division (300-400 level) courses.

Program Requirements

Literature Core (select one)

  • ENG 301  Brit Literature I
  • ENG 302  Brit Literature II
  • ENG 315  Survey of American Woman Writers
  • ENG 325  World Lit to 1600
  • ENG 326  World Lit from 1600
  • ENG 337  Survey of American Literature I
  • ENG 338  Survey of American Literature II

Language and Linguistics Core (select one)

  • ENG 345  Grammar and Usage
  • ENG 346  History of English Language
  • ENG 347  Introduction to Linguistics

Composition and Literacy Core (select one)

  • ENG 308  Research for Writers
  • ENG 352  Stud.in Writing
  • ENG 372  Comp Theory and Teaching of Writing
  • ENG 375  Advanced Writing
  • ENG 590  Summer Institute for Teachers and Writers

Journalism Core (select one)

  • ENG 167  Journalism I
  • ENG 169  Journalism II
  • ENG 312  Journalism III
  • ENG 334  Newspaper Rep

Special Topics (select three)

  • ENG 320  Multimedia Journalism
  • ENG 350  Journalism Genres
  • ENG 351  Publish the Mag
  • ENG 419  Internship
  • ENG 481  Old/Mid English
  • ENG 484  19th Cent Lit.
  • ENG 485  20th Cent Lit.
  • ENG 487  Amer Literary Genres
  • ENG 489  Eng Literary Genres

Special Experience

  • ENG 499  English Capstone Class

Creating Writing Courses (select six)

  • ENG 351  Publish the Mag
  • ENG 375  Advanced Writing
  • ENG 376  Creative Writing: Fiction
  • ENG 377  Creative Writing: Poetry
  • ENG 378  Creative Writing: Drama
  • ENG 430  Adaptation of Literary Materials
  • ENG 495  Creative Writing Seminar


Bachelor's Degree Concentration
  • Journalism Program
    A concentration for English majors interested in a career as a journalist or freelance reporter.
  • Literature Program
    A concentration for English majors interested in American literature and literary theory.
  • English Certification Program 
    A concentration for students pursuing a bachelor's degree in education who want to teach middle- or high-school English.
Undergraduate Minors
  • Journalism Minor
  • Literature Minor
  • Creative Writing Minor

Creative Writing Faculty

Dr. Brent House
Assistant Professor


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Dr. Carole A. Waterhouse


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