National Student Exchange

The National Student Exchange (NSE) provides accessible collegiate study away to PennWest California students at colleges and universities located throughout the continental United States in Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada.  More than 100,000 students attending NSE member schools have taken advantage of this opportunity since NSE began in 1968.

Why choose domestic study away?

International learning may not be possible or desirable for some students. NSE provides opportunities for students to challenge themselves and broaden their awareness without the distance, language barriers and costs that may arise with international study programs.

NSE programs can be an affordable alternative for students who are interested in studying away. Students who choose to exchange to an NSE member school may find the cost of tuition and fees is nearly the same as it is at PennWest California. NSE makes this possible by offering students the choice to pay in-state rate tuition and fees to the host school or pay tuition and fees to PennWest California while on exchange.  Federal financial aid can be used when paying tuition and fees to the host school.  Federal and state aid can be used when paying PennWest California tuition and fees.

Through NSE, PennWest California students may select colleges and universities that will provide opportunities to supplement and complement their PennWest California education and assist them in reaching their educational goals.  PennWest California students also are encouraged to select campuses that will stimulate personal growth and development and allow them to experience the educational, geographic and cultural diversity to be found among NSE's member schools. 

If you are interested in immersion and study of either Spanish or French, you can choose to exchange to NSE member schools located in Puerto Rico or Quebec, Canada.

Stay on track toward your degree

Studying at an NSE member school won’t sidetrack your plans to earn a timely PennWest California degree. You will consult with your faculty adviser to determine the coursework available at NSE member schools that you can take while on exchange for credit toward your PennWest California degree program. 

Before you being your exchange program, your adviser will approve your coursework; so will the department chairperson in your major and the dean of your College. When you complete your exchange, an official transcript of your exchange coursework will be sent to PennWest California and isted on your PennWest California transcript.

Some NSE campuses offer unique opportunities beyond traditional classroom learning.  These may include internships, research, field study and/or other experiential learning opportunities.

Contact the Office of International Programming and Study Away for more information.

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