Top 10 Reasons To Get an arabic Master's Degree

When you pursue an online master’s degree in Arabic language and linguistics from PennWest California, you’re entering a world of opportunity. The advanced expertise in Arabic you’ll gain in our comprehensive graduate program in social science will open doors to a wealth of careers and important jobs in the government. It also will expand your community and relationships, giving you access to over 422 million Arabic speakers around the globe.  

Designed for students who already have language proficiency in both Arabic and English, PennWest California’s online Arabic master’s program focuses on practical career skills, effective Arabic-to-English translation strategies, and deep insights into Arabic culture.

If you’re considering a graduate degree in Arabic, you already know how fascinating and fulfilling Arabic studies can be. But have you considered these top 10 reasons to learn Arabic and earn a master’s degree online?

1. Learn Arabic Beyond Borders

Earning an online master’s degree with a concentration in Arabic language online means you can advance your skills and knowledge no matter where you are in the world. Whether you already live abroad in an Arabic-speaking community, or you live somewhere in the United States, the online Arabic concentration within PennWest California’s social science degree program gives you the flexibility to pursue an advanced degree at the times and locations that work best for you. 

2. Land Arabic Internships

Taking part in an Arabic graduate program will help you to land key internships. PennWest California’s Arabic master’s concentration gives you the career support, flexible schedule and encouragement you need to complete professional internships that utilize your Arabic knowledge. PennWest California’s Arabic-speaking faculty members and Career and Professional Development Center will help you make key connections, define your internship goals, and gain real-world Arabic career experience before your graduate. 

3. Take Advantage of Big Job Growth

A graduate degree with a concentration in Arabic from PennWest California positions you as a top candidate in the booming job market for bilingual Arabic speakers. Currently, there are more jobs available than applicants to fill these jobs, and a graduate degree concentration in Arabic from a quality online program like the one offered at PennWest California can get you a lot of attention from recruiters and hiring managers. PennWest California’s master’s degree in social science, with its focus on Arabic language, prepares you to be a linguist, translator or interpreter — roles in which the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there will be a 29% job growth between 2014 and 2024.

4. Pursue Next-Level Careers

One of the reasons there is more demand than supply in careers for Arabic speakers is that many of the top jobs in the field require a graduate degree. For instance, many government jobs for Arabic speakers  specifically recruit employees from master’s programs with a focus on Arabic language. If you already hold an undergraduate degree in Arabic, earning a master’s degree online at PennWest California will enable you to pursue these high-level jobs — and receive the salary boosts that come with them.

5. Gain Access to Teaching Opportunities

Teaching opportunities in Arabic abound, as do opportunities to teach English to Arabic speakers. The language, linguistic and cultural knowledge you’ll gain in PennWest California’s graduate Arabic program will enable you to teach Arabic at the university level, or it can bolster your teaching credentials if you want to teach Arabic in secondary schools or to English language learners in Arabic-speaking communities.

Read on for more of the top 10 reasons to get a master’s focused on Arabic online.

6. Benefit from Accelerated Degree Options:

Pursuing an online master’s degree in social science with an Arabic concentration at PennWest California can put you on the fast track to a high-impact career. Our 30-credit graduate program can be completed in less than 16 months — and for students enrolled in our Arabic bachelor’s degree program, the time to degree completion can be much shorter. Students with GPAs of 3.0 or higher who are enrolled in PennWest California's online Arabic bachelor’s program can take graduate-level courses that count toward both their bachelor’s and master’s degree. This translates into one less semester for master's degree study. 

7. Make a Smart Investment

An online master’s degree with a concentration in Arabic language from PennWest California is a smart investment. It leads to lucrative job opportunities and offers reduced tuition and military discounts to many graduate students. In fact, a PennWest California education has been ranked No. 1 in Pennsylvania for value and affordability.

8. Transfer your Defense Credits

An online graduate degree can be a smart option for members of the military who have taken courses in Arabic through the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center. PennWest California’s master’s degree with a concentration in Arabic language and linguistics accepts academic credits earned through the institute's Modern Standard Arabic programs.

9. Become an Expert in a Critical Language

Arabic is on the U.S. government’s list of critical languages, which means bilingual Arabic speakers are essential to national security and the economy. When you earn a graduate degree with a concentration in Arabic, you are learning skills that can help the United States thrive in a diverse and dynamic world. The U.S. government is actively seeking Arabic speakers with master’s degrees to help lead government initiatives, military efforts and humanitarian programs. By furthering your studies of Arabic, you’re setting yourself up for a great career — and you’re building key cultural bridges that will benefit the country as a whole.

10. Enjoy Limitless Learning

The more advanced your studies in Arabic, the more you realize how expansive the language and culture can be. PennWest California’s online graduate program with a concentration in Arabic includes coursework that goes well beyond grammar and language practice to give you insights into Arabic history and society. As your knowledge deepens and your language skills improve, you can delve into the limitless world of Arabic contributions to literature, science, philosophy, theology and more. You’ll also begin to understand the big influence Arabic has had on many other languages throughout the world.

Are you ready to take advantage of the many benefits of learning Arabic and earning a master’s degree online? Apply to PennWest California today!

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