Take college courses to meet your needs.

Sometimes, you want to take college courses to fulfill a particular purpose, but you're not interested in earning an academic degree. We can help.

California University of Pennsylvania welcomes students at all stages of life who want continuing education but on a non-degree pathway.

Cal U's non-degree programs to earn academic credit are ideal for a range of learners:

  • A student who needs a particular college course to enhance a transcript, complete a prerequisite for graduate school or explore a University program.
  • Graduate Non-degree students may take classes for professional enrichment, ACT 48 hours, to raise GPA, and more. APPLY HERE or contact for more information.
  • A professional who needs a college course for licensure/certification or wishes to add a course or stackable credential to enhance a resume.
  • A visiting undergraduate or graduate student.
  • An international student who wants to improve his or her ability to speak, read and understand English.
  • A high school student who wants to try out a college course or jump-start college education.
  • A retiree who wishes to take tuition-free classes.


Cal U students walking behind a flowing fountain.

High School Early Admit [HSEA]


Get an early start on your college education at Cal U. If you've completed your sophomore year in high school and you're taking a college preparatory curriculum, take on-campus or online classes at Cal U. Save on tuition costs and earn course credits for Cal U or transfer credits to your future college or university.

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Visiting Students


Cal U welcomes visiting students from other colleges and universities to register for undergraduate and graduate courses, on campus or online. You may study at Cal U for one term (summer, fall, winter or spring), then easily transfer credits back to your home college or university.

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60+ College Advantage Program (CAP)


Pennsylvania residents age 60 and older may take Cal U college courses tuition-free. You may take up to 18 credits each semester for non-degree personal or professional development, or to apply toward a bachelor's or master's degree in the future. Your only costs are University fees and any required books and supplies.

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