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The Business and Economics Department at PennWest California strives to be an institution that focuses on student-centered, active learning and engages in the continuous improvement of its programs, services and faculty.   We seek to prepare students to succeed in the global economy and to contribute to the economic and social well-being of the community, region and world.  Whether you are a traditional face-to-face student or immersed in PennWest California’s 100% online MBA or Integrated Global Business program, an essential part of your preparation is the development and mastery of skills and concepts that will propel you to success in your career and life. 

To ensure this vision is carried out successfully, the Business and Economics Department takes the quality of classroom and online instruction and assessment of student learning outcomes very seriously.  This is evidenced by a commitment to measuring and reporting learning outcomes as part of PennWest California's accreditation by the  Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

  1. Value of ACBSP Accreditation-Guide to Students
  2. Value of ACBSP Accreditation-Guide to Employers

All PennWest California undergraduate and graduate business programs participate in a rigorous, multi-faceted assessment program to ensure our courses and experiences promote mastery of program goals and objectives.  The results are used to enhance and strengthen PennWest California’s business and economics programs through strategic planning.

  1. Internal assessment: All business core classes and select major courses contain course-embedded assessment tools to measure performance.
  2. External assessment: All business students take an externally-benchmarked exit exam administered by Peregrine Academics.  The exam tests students’ knowledge in 12 subject areas of business and economics.  The exam is used by numerous institutions nationally, allowing us to compare how well PennWest California stacks up against similar colleges and universities.
  3. Student Survey: all business students nearing graduation take a comprehensive survey covering a range of topics including the quality of student interaction with their academic advisor, the development of marketable skills, the quality of instruction, and the achievement of learning objectives.

For a summary of the most recent assessment activities and enrollment statistics, please view:

Learning Outcome Summary

Enrollment Data Summary

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