FROM: Academic Success RE: Attention: Graduate Assistants for Supplemental Instruction (SI) Wanted
8/27/2021 7:59:38 AM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Graduate Assistant Position:

The Office of Academic Success will be hiring three positions for the fall 2021 semester. Supplemental Instruction is a centralized campus academic resource for ALL students.


· Hours must be completed in the physical office between Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. This is not an on-line positon.

Required Skills:


· Positive attitude 

· EXCELLENT communication

· Empathic and caring

· Active Listener

· Reliable and dependable

· Creative thinker

· Effective public speaker

· Punctual

· Organized

· Critical thinker

· Problem solver


· Observe the SI leaders selected for this semester weekly and provide feedback on how to enrich the SI academic support program.

· Assess weekly SI planning forms documenting progress/concerns and attendance.

· Assist with planning, observing, and recruiting SI leaders and other responsibilities throughout the school year. New Student Orientation by presenting SI sessions, creating and distributing marketing materials.

· Research, develop and update content for our supplemental instruction program.

· Develop various media/technology resources for marketing materials.

· Create videos for social media accounts to post for the upcoming academic year.

· Navigates through Starfish to recruit, contact qualified SI leaders.

· Connects and coordinates on-line and on-campus students with the availability of SI sessions.

· Assists with hands-on presentations, demonstrations, training sessions and a variety of workshops and hosts information at events.

· Responds appropriately to on-campus and online when necessary.

· Compiles survey results.

· Additional tasks as assigned.

· Starfish our Early Alert System is heavily used in supplemental instruction. Training will be provided if a position is offered.


Application Procedure: Click Here to apply



Contact: Tyton Brunner at 724-938-1599 or, if interested