Website and Marketing Requests

Whether you’re starting a new academic program, promoting an existing program, updating website content or planning an event, the Office of Communications and Marketing may be able to help. Here’s how to get started.

Step 1: Identify your goals, develop a strategy, and determine your budget and funding source. Be ready to discuss these aspects of your project with our team when you make your request.

Step 2: Determine your timeline. Most marketing projects require at least 4-6 weeks to complete; an online update may take at least 3-5 days. Give us time to do our best work on your behalf.

Step 3: Tell us what you need (choose one):

  1. New program request: Online components for a new academic program (major, concentration or stand-alone minor). Download and complete the  Website Content Summary.

  1. Marketing request: Materials such as brochures, fliers, postcards, signs, etc.  to market an academic program or University-wide event. You also may use this form to request a meeting about possible marketing strategies for your program or to request reprints of existing materials (such as a brochure, flier or postcard). Complete the Job Launch Form and upload your content.

  1. Website request: Update online information, add new content to an existing webpage or request the creation of a new webpage. Complete the Website Request Form.

  1. Faculty bio request: Submit a new or updated online faculty biography. Download and complete the Faculty Bio Form or email a brief update to

  1. Photo request: Ask a campus photographer to take photos of a University event to be used for an identified purpose. Send the event’s time, date and location when you email a photo request to If this might be a news story, please copy Wendy Mackall ( when you make your request.

  1. Calendar request: An addition to the online Events Calendar. Visit the calendar and choose “Submit Event.”

Step 4: That's it! Expect to hear from a member of the Communications and Marketing staff within 2-3 business days regarding your request. Please understand that not all requests can be approved. You may be asked to meet with someone from our office or provide additional information before we can process your request.


Need Help?
Requests will be accepted from PennWest California faculty and staff only. Not sure which form to use? Have a question or an out-of-the-ordinary request? Email marketing assistant Denise King (