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PennWest California students register for classes well in advance. In the midst of one semester, you'll hear, "It's time to register for next semester's classes!"

Even if it seems like the next semester is a long way off, it's important to register on your assigned day. Timely registration maximizes your ability to register for the classes you need.

You also will see whether any "holds" have been placed on your registration. If a hold is present, you must contact the office that placed the hold on your account and make arrangements to clear it before you can register.

Download Registration Instructions (PDF)

Schedule Search (

Download Subject Prefix Crosswalk

Time Tickets

All active students have time tickets assigned for both summer and fall terms. Students are able to see their registration time ticket through their Student Profile via, by clicking Registration and then Prepare for Registration in Student Self-Service.

registration instructions screenshot.

Registration Dates

Registration begins at 8am on the dates below based on your class standing. Summer semester courses begin as early as May 9. Fall semester begins on August 22. View the calendar.

Summer Registration

April 4 – Graduate students and students with Priority*

April 6 – Senior standing (90 + earned hours)

April 8 – Junior standing (60-89 earned hours)

April 11 – Sophomore standing (30-59 earned hours)

April 13 – Freshman (0-29 earned hours)

Fall Registration

April 4 – Students with Priority*

April 6 – Senior standing (90 + earned hours)

April 8 – Junior standing (60-89 earned hours)

April 11 – Sophomore standing (30-59 earned hours)

April 11 – Graduate students

April 13 – Freshman (0-29 earned hours)

Advising Holds

All undergraduate students have an advising hold on their accounts. Students must reach out to their academic advisor to be advised ahead of registration.  Students can review their advising hold, and any other hold, on their Student Profile or on the Prepare for Registration link in

registration instructions screenshot.

Other Holds

If a student has any other hold, (ie: financial, judicial, bookstore, etc.) the student should reach out to the office that placed the hold at their home campus for additional information.   

Schedule Searching

There have been a number of changes to the method that students will use to locate courses in the class schedule.  The schedule can be accessed through Click on Student Self-Service, Student Profile, Registration and then Browse Class Schedule to begin. 

As all undergraduate students have an advising hold, clicking on Register for Classes will then display your holds. 

registration instructions screenshot.

All searches should begin with selecting your home campus. For online courses only, select the Online campus.

Subject prefixes for all courses have a leading A – California, C – Clarion or E – Edinboro to help students identify the location.  Additionally, each subject has a trailing – CAL, CLA or EDI to ensure that students are selecting the appropriate version of the subject. 

registration instructions screenshot.

Section numbers appearing after the course number also represent the location of the course.   

  • 001-099 California campus 
  • 200-299 Edinboro campus  
  • 300-399 Clarion campus 
  • 400-499 Online courses 

Students who are wishing to register for a course at another campus may require a permit from the department to be able to register for the course.  Some courses have space restrictions based on campuses. Permits for restricted courses may be requested to the department offering the course. 

Degree Works Audit

Students should continue to use their current versions of their degree audit program located in VIP until the migrated version of Degree Works is available after the spring term. 

*Priority Registration

Not all groups that received priority registration in the past will continue to have priority registration in Penn West.  Please check your “Prepare for Registration” link in the Registration section to determine your Time Ticket registration window. 

Wait List

Need to add a course to the wait list, or register a wait listed course? The following instructions are specific to PennWest California and VIP, but the functionality will be the same in the new system :

Problems With Your Registration?

If there are any problems with registration, please contact:

For other issues, here's who to contact:

  • Billing - Student Accounts Office (formerly Office of Student Accounts), Dixon Hall, Room 118; or 724-938-4431.
  • Financial aid - Financial Aid Office, Dixon Hall, first floor; or 724-938-4415.
  • Graduation requirements - Degree Audit; 724-938-4407.
  • Login or password problems - UTech Help Desk; Noss Hall; 724-938-5911.
  • Placement testing - Placement Testing Center, Noss Hall, Room 215; or 724-938-5779.
  • Success Center graduate assistants (academic skills assistance) -Noss Hall, Room 211;