Student Outreach and Success

Student Outreach and Success

Office of Student Outreach and success

Find the help you need to succeed and graduate on time.

The Office of Student Outreach and Success, in Noss Hall, welcomes undergraduate students at every stage of their PennWest California experience. Whether you are a new freshman or transfer student, an upper-class student or a soon-to-be graduate, we are here to assist you.

Our office is open from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. daily, and you are always welcome to stop by - even if you're not sure exactly what kind of help you need.

The Office of Student Outreach and Success can assist you with:

  • Placement testing. The Office of Student Outreach and Success builds schedules for incoming students. We also coordinate placement testing to ensure that first year and new transfer students are assigned to the proper math and/or English courses, including developmental courses if needed.
  • Prior Learning Assessment, CLEP and DSST exams. Through Prior Learning Assessment, credit may be awarded for qualifying life experiences such as work or military training, volunteer work or independent certifications. CLEP and DSST exams let you demonstrate college-level achievement equivalency to specific undergraduate courses.

Make the grades. Find the academic support you need.

College courses can be challenging! You'll find academic support at:

  • Vulcan Learning CommonsStrengthen your skills with free, face-to-face assistance. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff and trained peer learning assistants (tutors) offer one-to-one or small group tutoring for students at all grade levels.
  • Supplemental Instruction. SI is an interactive learning experience with student leaders who have excelled in the selected courses in the past. These SI leaders will work with the professors and the students to enhance understanding and solidify concepts learned in class.
  • The Center for Student Outreach and Success Coaching. Walk-ins are welcome in this center, where graduate assistants are on hand to help with study skills, time management, test anxiety and more. The Support for Success, Academic Healthy U and PASS programs are housed here, too.