Cal U Alert

California University of Pennsylvania offers a free emergency alert text messaging service. This optional service will be used only for severe campus emergencies. In emergencies such as fatal fires, on-campus violence involving firearms, hostage situations, immediate campus evacuations, and major structural damage to campus buildings, a Cal U text message alert will be sent advising you of the situation and directing you to additional information at

In order to receive Cal U text message alerts, you must register for the service. Again, the service is free for Cal U students, staff, and faculty. However, your individual cell phone plan will apply normal charges to receive the text message alert.

Accounts must be updated regularly; you will receive a renewal notice 30 days before your account is due to expire. You must re-enroll if you have made changes to your cellphone service, such as a new phone number or carrier. 

Sign up for this voluntary service. There will be no advertising or non-emergency alerts sent to you.