Reach your academic goals faster by enrolling in PennWest California's Summer and Winter College. Designed for both PennWest California students and those visiting from other institutions, our summer and winter course offerings include a wide range of undergraduate and graduate classes for credit.

Summer and winter courses are offered at convenient times, and all classes are taught online.

Summer College 

Summer College Registration continues throughout the summer until the courses begin.  There are many different start dates and course durations that range from 5 weeks to 12 week long courses. 

Choose from more than 200 individual courses offered in PennWest California's Summer College. Most courses are offered online and include day and evening offerings, special sessions, and multiple starting dates.

Are additions or changes made to the summer schedule?  The University reserves the right to postpone, limit enrollment, cancel, split, or combine classes and change Instructors and class locations when necessary. Information on courses that have been added to or deleted from the schedule after publication can be obtained from the Office of Academic Affairs (724-938-4407), or check the website through the VIP Portal.

Summer 2021 Undergraduate Course Schedule

For registration assistance, contact the Scheduling Center at 724-938-1608 or stop into 210 Noss Hall. Download a PDF of the schedule.

5/17/2021 - 8/6/2021
12 Week Courses

5/17/2021 - 8/06/202112 Weeks
Course Section Course Title CRN General Education Menu Instructor
BUS499 GW1 Integrated Strategic Capstone 20661 Upper Division Writing Bethem, Jacob
JUR320 GW1 Anglo-American Jurisprudence 20691   Slaven, Michael
PSY100 W01 General Psychology 20189 Social Science Brock, Rueben
PSY150 W01 Lifespan Dvlpmntl Psychology 20190   Brock, Rueben
PSY302 W01 Evolutionary Psychology 20716   Hackett, Justin
PSY305 W01 Psych Personality 20191   Timbo, Darla
PSY335 W01 Psychology of Learning 20192 Lab Course Elkin, Carrie
PSY336 W01 Forensic Psychology 20717   Timbo, Darla

*Check with your department regarding internships
6/01/2021 - 8/06/2021
10 Week Courses

6/01/2021 - 8/06/202110 Weeks
Course Section Course Title CRN General Education Menu Instructor
ACC200 GW1 Financial Accounting 20129   Judge, Sarah
ART106 W01 Art Appreciation 20030 Fine Arts Staff
BIO126 GW1 Intro Microbiology Online 20215   Meiss, Sarah
BIO126 GWB Intro Microbiology Online 20216   Meiss, Sarah
BUS242 GW1 Business Law I 20132   Schwerha, Joesph
BUS281 GW1 Management Science I 20133 Math & Quantitative Literacy Akgun, Ahmet
BUS381 GW1 Management Science II 20134 Lab Course Goh, Debbie
CIS110 W01 Intro to Information Systems 20138 Technology Literacy Kovalchick, Lisa
CIS261 GW1 Big Data Analytics 20269   Staff
CIS330 W01 Web Programming I 20139   Kovalchick, Lisa
CIS354 GW1 Systems Project Mgmt 20140   Mohamed, Nader
EAS150 W01 Intro to Geology 20243 Lab Course Fredrick, Kyle
ECO201 GW1 Principles of Microeconomics 20144 Social Science Hettler, Paul
ECO202 GW1 Principles of Macroeconomics 20741 Social Science Murayama, Kentaro
EDU310 W01 Teaching Multicultural Society 20576 Ethics/Multicultural Perrotti, Michael
EDU335 W01 Teaching in an Online Environ 20489 Technology Literacy Hoover, Marcia
ENG101 W02 English Composition I 20117 Composition Carlisle, Anthony
ESP100 W01 Disability in Media 20720 Humanities Kight, Jason
ESP413 W01 Evidence-Based Sec Inclusion 20485   Kight, Jason
ESP414 W01 Adv EBP PreK-8 Inclusion 20676   Heh, Peter
ESP418 W01 Adv EBP Sec Inclusion 20677   Staff
FIN301 W01 Financial Mgmt 20580   Li, Nan
GEO100 W01 Introduction to Geography 20247 Ethics/Multicultural Mueller, Thomas
GEO221 W01 Geography of Drugs 20659 Health and Wellness Ryan, Susan
GEO383 W01 Dark Tourism 20152 Special Experience Ryan, Susan
HIS102 W01 US Hist Since 1877 20301 Humanities Staff
HIS348 W01 History of Sport 20695 Humanities Madden, Sean
HSC115 GW1 Current Health Issues 20008 Health and Wellness Walker, Ayanna
ITE499 X01 Research Project 20521   Staff
ITE461 GW1 Supply Chain Fundamentals 20154   Horath, Larry
ITE471 GW1 Project Management 20155   Horath, Larry
JUS102 GW1 Intro to Law Enforcement 20227   Staff
JUS375 GW1 Criminal Law 20228   Warnick, Julie
JUS405 GW1 Cyber Security 20229 Technology Literacy Hsieh, Raymond
JUS415 GW1 Multiculturalism and Crim Just 20231 Ethics/Multicultural Spencer, Mathilda
JUS440 GW1 Military Criminal Justice 20230   Cencich, John
MAT195 GW1 Discrete Structures 20259   Staff
MAT205 G01 Statistics for Health/Soc Sci 20260 Math & Quantitative Literacy Staff
MAT215 GW1 Statistics 20261 Advanced Standing Staff
MAT225 GW1 Business Statistics 20262 Advanced Standing Staff
MAT261 GW1 Big Data Analytics 20268 Lab Course Staff
MGT300 GW1 Principles of Management 20164   Lennon, Mark
MGT301 GW1 Organiz Behavior 20237   Yost, Kimberly
MIS201 GW1 Management Information Systems 20166   Chawdhry, Adnan
MKT300 GW1 Principles of Marketing 20208   Larosa, Richard
MKT401 GW1 Marketing Mgmt 20210   Larosa, Richard
MKE421 GW1 Consumer Behavior 20742   Larosa, Richard
MUS100 W01 Intro to Music 20122 Fine Arts Stetar, Frank
NUR375 G01 Leadership & Change in Nursing 20590 Upper Division Writing Palko, Suzanne
NUR375 G02 Leadership & Change in Nursing 20591 Upper Division Writing Palko, Suzanne
NUR475 G01 Community Hlth Nurs 20596 Special Experience Pina, Linda
NUR475 G02 Community Hlth Nurs 20597 Special Experience Weaver, Robin
PHI100 W01 Persp in Phil 20705 Humanities Shaffer, Nancy
PSY222 W01 Psy Stress-Managemt 20654 Advanced Standing Adair, Holiday
PSY421 W01 Theories of Psychotherapy 20655   Piersaint, Tamare
SOC100 GW1 Prin of Sociology 20123 Social Science Larsen, Elizabeth
SOC318 GW1 Sociology/Addict, Exc, Explora 20604 Social Science Sweitzer, Emily
SOC319 GW1 Sociology of Technology 20605   Sweitzer, Emily
SOC395 GW1 Soc Elite Deviance 20606 Social Science Larsen, Elizabeth
UNI200 W01 Career Readiness 20391   Staff
5/17/2021 - 6/25/2021
6 Week Courses

5/17/2021 - 6/25/20215 Weeks
Course Section Course Title CRN General Education Menu Instructor
CIS213 GW1 Data Visualization 20729   Staff
CIS251 GW1 Big Data Tools 20732   Staff
CIS402 GW1 Data Analysis Capstone Proj 20735   Staff
EAS392 X01 Geology of South Wstn US Field 20640 Special Experience Fredrick, Kyle
HSC275 W01 *Funct Kinesiology 20645 Advanced Standing Hargraves, Scott
LAW300 GW1 Paralegal Profession 20693   Hoit, Miranda
LAW350 GW1 Real Estate Law 20692   Toras, Christina
MAT100 GW1 Survey of Mathematics 20698 Math & Quantitative Literacy Staff
MAT181 GW1 College Algebra 20701 Math & Quantitative Literacy Staff
MAT213 GW1 Data Visualization 20728 Lab Course Staff
MAT251 GW1 Big Data Tools 20731   Staff
MAT281 GW1 Calculus I 20702 Advanced Standing Staff
PTA110 W01 *Intro to Pathology 20651   Dusi, Jodi
WST200 W01 Intro to Women Studies 20609 Ethics/Multicultural McClintock-Comeaux, Marta

* Course runs 5/17/21 to 6/11/21

6/01/2021 - 7/02/2021
5 Week Courses
6/01/2021 - 7/02/20215 Weeks
Course Section Course Title CRN General Education Menu Instructor
ARB101 GW1 Elementary Arabic I 20696 Humanities Alsaffar, Abdullah
ARB401 GW1 Intro to Arabic Linguistics 20112   Surrey, Razak
ARB402 GW1 Arabic Translation 20113   Surrey, Razak
ART270 W01 Art History Today 20675   Persinger, Cynthia
ATE340 W01 Sports Nutrition 20001 Health and Wellness Giovannucci, Jeffrey
CDC101 W00 Public Speaking 20115 Public Speaking Staff
CSC101 W01 Personal Productivity Software 20573 Technology Literacy Chen, Weifeng
ENG101 W01 English Composition I 20577 Composition Murray, Keat
ENG101 W03 English Composition I 20578 Composition Aune, Mark
FIT100 G01 Intro to Fitness 20003   Hatton, Jeffrey
HSC110 G01 Human Anatomy & Phys I 20007 Natural Science Harman, Chris
HSC110 GW0 Human Anatomy & Phys I 20704 Natural Science Staff
NUR420 G01 Nursing Informatics 20592   Evanick, Nicole
NUR420 G02 Nursing Informatics 20593   Morouse, Kathleen
NUR450 G01 Trends & Issues Nsg 20594   Weaver, Robin
NUR450 G02 Trends & Issues Nsg 20595   Morouse, Kathleen
PHI220 W01 Ethics 20684 Ethics/Multicultural Press, Joel
RAD130 W01 Radiography Clinical III 20181   Alexander, Kelli
RAD230 W01 Radiography Clinical VII 20183   Finnegan, Lisa
SPT300 GW1 Psychology of Sport 20013   Miller, Laura
6/28/2021 - 8/06/2021
6 Week Courses
6/28/2021 - 8/06/20216 Weeks
Course Section Course Title CRN General Education Menu Instructor
CIS207 GW1 Data Prep & Cleaning 20726   Staff
LAW320 GW1 Litig Trial Methods 20694   Govern, Kevin
MAT130 GW1 Elementary Topics in Math II 20700 Math & Quantitative Literacy Staff
MAT191 GW1 College Trig 20724 Math & Quantitative Literacy Staff
MAT207 GW1 Data Preparation and Cleaning 20725   Staff
MAT282 GW1 Calculus II 20703 Advanced Standing Staff
MAT401 GW1 Data Anaylsis Capstone Project 20734 Special Experience Staff
7/06/2021 - 8/06/2021
5 Week Courses
7/06/2021 - 8/06/20215 Weeks
Course Section Course Title CRN General Education Menu Instructor
ARB102 GW1 Elementary Arabic II 20111 Humanities Alsaffar, Abdullah
ENG102 W01 English Composition II 20118   Fisanick, Christina
ENG102 W02 English Composition II 20579   McCullough, Karen
FIT115 G01 Appld Anatomy & Physiology 20004 Lab Course West, Thomas
FIT125 G01 Fund of Speed Training 20005   Oddi, Brian
FIT125 G02 Fund of Speed Training 20566   Staff
HSC120 G01 Human Anatomy & Phys II 20009 Natural Science Weary, Jamie
RAD140 W01 Radiography Clinical IV 20182   Alexander, Kelli
RAD240 W01 Radiography Clinical VIII 20184   Finnegan, Lisa
SPT305 GW1 Ethics in Sport 20014 Ethics/Multicultural Wood, Brian
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Winter College

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