Study Abroad Opportunities

International Studies Majors

Our society is linked by global economies, markets, cultures, political structures and religions; therefore, gaining global competency is invaluable to employers. Our International Studies degree prepares students to participate in, and contribute to, a fast-paced, ever-changing world.  Regardless of the ultimate career, a degree in International Studies develops an advantageous global awareness and readiness for success and continued intellectual growth. Career opportunities range from business, government, and non-profits, with a median salary of $60,000. 

Study abroad is an extremely valuable experience for International Studies majors. While studying abroad, students gain global competencies. Students are able to identify and understand issues within cultures around the world and how it relates to business, economics, politics, science, and other related fields.  Studying abroad is an opportunity for students to step outside their comfort area and find their identity in the world as well as gain credits towards graduation.

PennWest California assists students studying abroad by finding the right program for the individual student, budget, academic discipline, and personal interests.  Some options include short-term, faculty-led, summer, or traditional study abroad opportunities.  The office of International Programming and Study Away can assist students in exploring these options.

Future Trips

EF Tours
Led By- Dr. Sean Madden
2020 Spring Break – 11-day program
Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand
3 credit for INT 300 – can be used as both a major credit and general credit

Enrol online – EFCST.COM/2201808SE
Program Number: 2201808SE



For further information please contact Dr. Madden, Program Director, at or the current International Studies GA.