University Honors Program

Find Your Community and Achieve Excellence

The University Honors Program strives to provide a select group of students with a safe, supportive community in which to excel academically, socially and professionally.

PennWest California honors students at an event.

Honors students pursue innovative research projects and join other ambitious students in classes taught by PennWest California's most distinguished faculty. They have opportunities to make the most of their PennWest California education and to position themselves to excel after graduation, in graduate or professional school or beginning a successful career.

Other University Honors Program benefits include:

Honors Program Acceptance

Each year, PennWest California reviews the applications of incoming first-year and transfer students. Those with the very highest indicators of past and future academic success are invited to apply for the University Honors Program.

There are no minimum scores, as the Honors Program considers a variety of indicators beyond grades and test scores, including service work and AP courses. However, incoming Honors students typically have at least a 1200 score on the SAT or a combination of a 3.25 high school grade-point average and 1100 SAT.

Honors Program Faculty and Staff

Director: Dr. M. G. Aune (

Associate Director: Dr. Craig Fox (

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Kim Orslene (