FROM: Department of Recreational Services RE: Climbing Wall - Work Study Job Openings
8/30/2021 4:45:32 PM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

Position Overview


The Department of Recreational Services is currently looking for a qualified individual(s) to fill the Herron Recreation and Fitness (HRFC) Climbing Wall position. This position will help patrons of HRFC to climb, instruct on verbal commands, support special climbing events, and maintain the safety and upkeep of the wall and climbing accessories.


Essential Job Functions

·          Greets participants;

·          Maintains safety of patrons, facility, and equipment;

·          Inspects climbing wall and equipment;

·          Demonstrates proper climbing/belaying techniques;

·          Cleans wall;

·          Observes participants while climbing;

·          Belays students as they climb;

·          Tie and loosen knots;

·          Assist where needed


Non-essential Job Functions

·          Ability to climb;

·          Ability to set routes and give verbal commands;

·          Ability to help out with special events



·          Currently accepted as a student at California University of Pennsylvania;

·          Must pass a certification (written and practical) exam (training provided);

·          Must be in good academic standing;

·          Attend all meetings and training seminars;

·          Must be able to work a minimum of (8) hours a week;

·          Successfully complete a background check



To apply, please stop by Herron to fill out a job application or contact Tom Hasbrouck