FROM: Central Receiving/Storeroom RE: Central Receiving/Storeroom Procedures
8/19/2021 10:08:23 AM
To: Faculty, Staff

Just a friendly reminder of our Central Receiving/Storeroom procedures:

With the return of students to campus, we will now be able to deliver on a daily basis. If a department receives a notification from a vendor that item(s) are delivered, please remember that the Storeroom personnel still need 1 to 2 business days to properly receive and process the order. Additional time may be needed based on the size of orders, lack of information on shipping labels and packing slips, or complexity of the order.
If you believe that an order has been delivered and you would like to pick it up, please call the Storeroom prior to arrival. If an order has been processed, we will let you know upon receiving the phone call. If it hasn't been processed, we will then contact the proper individual when it is ready. Please note you may receive delivery notifications before the items are actually delivered to us. Should we be contacted via email, please wait for a reply before heading to the Storeroom.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, please call us at 724-938-4226.