Placement Testing

The professionals in Cal U's Scheduling and Placement Testing centers are ready to help you achieve your goals and graduate in four years. The centers:

  • Coordinate placement and testing.
  • Create schedules for entering students.
  • Provide information on academic procedures and policies.
  • Explain general education and major requirements.
  • Help students explore re-testing opportunities.
  • Assist students in creating their schedules.

Placement Assesment for Fall 2022

Incoming freshmen and transfer students may need to take a Cal U placement test for mathematics and/or English, to ensure they begin with courses that match their academic needs. Placement tests and developmental courses may be required whether you are studying on campus or online.

Your SAT or ACT scores (or transfer credits) will determine whether you are required to take a placement test. Students who do not submit SAT/ACT scores or transfer credits must take placement tests. 

Students who do not achieve predetermined scores on these tests must enroll in appropriate developmental courses. 

Mathematics - ALEKS is an online assessment that uses artificial intelligence to asses a
student’s knowledge in Mathematics. Students who place into the developmental course,
DMA 092 Introductory Algebra are encouraged to work on the learning modules and take
the assessment again.

  •  30 – 45 questions
  • Approximately 1 – 2 hours
  •  Once started, must finish within 48 hours
  •  Re-testing is possible after at least 3 hours of review in learning modules


English - For the summer and fall 2022, the English assessment will not be offered.
See the required scores to determine whether you should schedule a placement test.

See the required scores to determine whether you should schedule a placement test.

Taking the Placement Assessment

The ALEKS Mathematics assessment is offered, online, and free of charge. First-time freshmen for fall 2022 will receive an email with instructions to access their placement testing card on the Penn West Experience Portal. Transfer students who need the assessment will receive an email with a link to access ALEKS. 

A note for students with disabilities: You may request accommodations for placement testing by contacting the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) at 724-938-5781 or

Appropriate documentation and prior approval is required; accommodations must be approved at least one week before the testing date. The OSD staff may adjust test times/dates to accommodate student/staff needs.  Once accommodations are approved please contact the Placement Testing Center at or (724) 938-5779 to schedule your test.


Please contact the placement testing coordinator:
Claire Pizer, Management Technician for Starfish and Testing
Office of Academic Success
(724) 938-5779