Our 16th Decade: Seizing the Future and Opportunities for California University of Pennsylvania

'Innovation" is embedded in California University of Pennsylvania's DNA. Conceived by founders who dreamed an improbable dream, from its beginning California University of Pennsylvania has steered a course that has set it apart. With a directed focus that nurtured specializations, in 163 years California University of Pennsylvania has achieved national and international recognition.

The circumstance precipitating California University of Pennsylvania's establishment in 1852 was the pioneers' race to the West and the critical unmet need for educators. One hundred and sixty-three years later a set of very different circumstances, including global competition and funding and enrollment challenges, are influencing how California University of Pennsylvania needs to direct its energies to compete successfully while assuring excellence is its end product. Our 16th decade will be marked with a new kind of boldness and daring that ensures California University of Pennsylvania achieves the excellence required to make it a premier university.

The University's 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, Charting Our Path, is operational and prescriptive, as well as balanced by plans at the faculty and academic support unit levels. Consistent with our 16th decade, this 2015-2020 Strategic Plan captures general principles that allow California University of Pennsylvania not only to advance its mission, but also to remain flexible so it can respond as opportunities and challenges arise. 

In recent years the University has dealt with changes in the administration, experienced drastic adjustments to our financial picture and recognized the need to refocus on our University's core mission. This strategic plan is based on three tenets that directly align with the University and the State System's mission.

  • Enhancing the academic excellence and experience of our students.
  • Operating with sound and efficient fiscal and governance practices.
  • Achieving optimal enrollment in these challenging times. 

The Objectives of the Cal U Strategic Plan 2015-2020

As a result of a University-wide study process that was employed to produce this new strategic plan, it was concluded that some of the objectives in the Cal U Strategic Plan 2009-2012 had been accomplished and would not be included in the new plan; however, some objectives had continuing relevance and are retained in the new plan. 

As I have stated many times, we are all responsible for the success of our University. The strategic plan that follows is intended to identify and to encourage all members of the California University community to commit to a wide range of goals and objectives that the University will strive to achieve over the coming years.

The strategic plan is a call to action that identifies and utilizes various methods in support of the objectives, and employs various criteria to document success. The plan will be our road map; it will guide our journey to being recognized as one of the best comprehensive public universities, both regionally and nationally.

This plan focuses on five primary goals that are closely aligned with the University's mission. It intends to ensure that California University of Pennsylvania is committed, above all, to academic excellence and intellectual rigor in the context of personal and institutional integrity, and to operating in a fiscally efficient manner while continuing to serve our Commonwealth, our region and the global community.