Executive Summary


Supporting the vision of Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education, California University of Pennsylvania will exemplify academic excellence, innovation, service, personal growth and social justice for all.


The mission of California University of Pennsylvania is to provide a high-quality, student-centered education that prepares an increasingly diverse community of lifelong learners to contribute responsibly and creatively to the regional, national and global society, while serving as a resource to advance the region's cultural, social and economic development. Accordingly, the Cal U Strategic Plan 2015-2020 looks to our mission for inspiration and guidance.

This strategic plan is designed to empower the University to serve as a resource in the region and the Commonwealth. The strategic plan consists of five goals, with 17 objectives (strategies) that are designed to enable the strategic plan to be a "living document" that will lead California University of Pennsylvania into the future.

The strategic plan focuses the University on three key initiatives to assure the success of the University in the coming years. Those initiatives are:

  • Enhancing the academic excellence and experience of our students.
  • Operating with sound and efficient fiscal and governance practices.
  • Achieving optimal enrollment in these challenging times. 

Strategic Planning Committee

A University Strategic Planning Committee was organized to assist in the development of the strategic plan. The overall committee approved the Mission, Vision and Goals over the spring 2015 semester. In the summer, a smaller group of these members was formed to define objectives for the five goals. This document highlights the effort of the committee to prepare a "living document" that empowers the University community to collaborate and succeed while assuring the core mission of the University and the State System of Higher Education.

The committee consists of:

  • Acting Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Bruce Barnhart
  • Associate Provost for Innovation, Dr. Stephen Whitehead
  • Associate Provost for Student Success, Dr. Daniel Engstrom
  • Dean, Eberly College of Science and Technology, Dr. John Kallis
  • Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Dr. Mohamed Yamba
  • Dean, College of Education and Human Services, Dr. Kevin Koury
  • Dean,  School of Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Stanley Komacek
  • Dean, Library Services, Mr. Douglas Hoover   
  • Dean of Admissions, Dr. William Edmonds
  • Associate Professor, Dr. Richard LaRosa (APSCUF representative)
  • Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Ms. Nancy Skobel
  • Professor, Dr. Laura Tuennerman (College of Liberal Arts)
  • Director of Institutional Research and Planning, Dr. Wei Zhou
  • Professor, Dr. Gregg Gould (at-large)
  • Associate Professor, Dr. Sheri Boyle (at-large)
  • Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid, Mr. Jeff DeRubbo
  • Director of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, Ms. Sharon Elkettani
  • Assistant Professor, Dr. Scott Hargraves  (Chairperson's Forum)
  • Assistant Professor, Dr. Rebecca Maddas (College of Education)
  • Assistant Professor, Dr. Ryan Sittler (Faculty Senate Representative)
  • Professor, Dr. Loring Prest (Library Representative)
  • Associate Dean for Student Services, Ms. Terry Wigle (Student Affairs) 


  • Goal 1: Enhance the academic excellence and experience of our students.
  • Goal 2: Operate using sound and efficient fiscal and governance practices.
  • Goal 3: Create a transformative learning and working environment that promotes diversity through a culture of civility and inclusiveness.
  • Goal 4: Serve in the areas where we live and learn through the Commonwealth, the region, the nation and the world.
  • Goal 5: Continue to enhance the quality of student life.