Dr. Raymond J. Hsieh

Professor, Program Advisor of Forensics Investigation and Cyber Forensics

Department of Criminal Justice and Psychology


Dr. Hsieh is a full professor in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics/ Forensic Science at PennWest California; he was appointed as the director of justice studies in 2013.


Dr. Hsieh earned his Ph.D. from the School of Informatics, at the State University of New York at Buffalo in Communication Technology. His undergraduate major was Forensic Science from the Central Police University, Taiwan and graduate study was Information Technology from the Rochester Institute of Technology, N.Y.


Dr. Hsieh's research and profession focus on "Big Data Analysis" (through Cognitive Analysis and Comparison by Multidimensional Scaling, and Perceptual Mapping), cyber security and privacy policy, computer forensics, digital multimedia evidence: digital imaging authentication, and forensic video analysis.


In addition to scholarly essays and book chapters, he is the author of Cognitive Mapping & Comparison — an example of online legal polices" (ISBN: 978-3-639-13448-3), Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISBN-10: 3-540-69136-7). His textbook chapters are for "Forensic Technology" (ISBN: 978-1-61289-080-7) and "Digital Evidence", Introduction to Forensic Science and Criminalistics (2nd Ed.) (Co-author with Dr. Henry Lee) CRC Press, USA (in press).


Dr. Hsieh has been invited as a editorial reviewer for 14 peer-reviewed journals: The Journal of Information Science, Future Internet, The Journal of Network and Computer Application (JNCA), The Journal of Communication and Computer & The International Journal of Digital Crime and Forensics (IJDCF), Digital Forensics for Communications and Networking, etc.


He has not only presented in several professional conferences, but also is involved in the international technology community. He has been invited as the chair of the Workshop of Computer Forensics of IEEE International annual conference.  He also has provided expertise to the International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing, the International Conference on Forensic Applications and Techniques in Telecommunications, and the Information and Pacific Asia Workshop on Intelligence and Security Informatics.


Dr. Hsieh is certified as a computer forensic examiner. He also holds numerous professional forensic certifications, including: computer forensic, forensics video analysis, multimedia; blood patterns analysis, forensic audio and video signal processing and analysis, and criminal investigation.


Student orientation is always a high priority in Dr. Hsieh's teaching philosophy. As a result of his teaching effectiveness, he was nominated for the PennWest California Presidential Gala Faculty Award in the Teaching category and the Faculty and Professional Development Committee Teaching Award many times.


Dr. Hsieh is the adviser for the Criminal Justice Club and the Forensic Science Club.


Dr. Hsieh had a more than 13-year career with the Criminal Investigation Bureau in Taiwan. With the bureau, he served as a forensic expert and police officer, attaining the rank of lieutenant colonel.


Dr. Hsieh provides consultations and instruction on cyber security, and computer forensics and digital evidence in organizations to the police departments locally and internationally. He gave pro bono service and the keynote lecture at The Police Association of Liaoning Province at the International Congress of Forensics and Police Tech, China; the Criminal Investigation Bureau, Taiwan; the Washington County (Pa.) District Attorney's Office; the City of Pittsburgh Police Department and local police departments in Western Pennsylvania.         

  • B.A.: Forensic Science, Central Police University-Taiwan
  • M.S.: Information Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Ph.D.: Informatics: Information Communication Technology & Computer Mediated Communication, State University of New York at Buffalo