Dr. Ralph Belsterling

Associate Professor

Department of Health and Human Service Professions


Dr. Belsterling specializes in assessment, aural rehabilitation, amplification and hearing conservation.


  • Introduction to Audiology
  • Acoustics/Psychoacoustics
  • Sign Language and Braille I and II
  • Audiology Diagnostics Practicum
  • Advanced Audiology

Student Research Projects

  • Benefits of frequency modulation systems in the education of children with autism
  • Cleft lip and cleft palate: A multi-dimensional childhood anomaly
  • Idiopathic intracranial hypertension
  • Parent assignment preferences in speech language pathology (SLP)
  • Speech development in children after cochlear implants: birth to 2 years
  • Stuttering devices and fluency
  • "The Mutation of KCNJ11: A Case Study"
  • The treatment of stuttering in children
  • "Your iPod, Your Ears"

Service Learning Projects

Dr. Belsterling is the Pennsylvania clinical director and an international trainer for the Special Olympics Health Hearing Program. Annually, hundreds of coaches and athletes at the Pennsylvania Summer Games (State College) and at the Pennsylvania Fall Games (Villanova University) are screened. Many Cal U students have assisted in this process. Dr. Belsterling also participated in the first U.S. National Games in Ames, Iowa, and the 2009 World Winter Games in Boise, Idaho.


Dr. Belsterling also is the faculty adviser for the University's Speech and Hearing Club, which participates in many community service outreach programs and projects: Toys for Tots, Presents for Patients, Thanksgiving food drives and collection of donations for meals, an annual book drive for underprivileged children, Easter gifts for nursing home residents, women's shelter supplies, and care packages for troops.


In a course titled CMD 714, Audiology Diagnostics, Dr. Belsterling and his students screen hundreds of school-aged children in southwestern Pennsylvania.

  • B.S.: Speech Pathology, California State College
  • M.Ed.: Speech Pathology, California State College
  • M.S.: Audiology, Clarion University
  • Au.D.: Audiology, University of Florida

Email: belsterling@calu.edu

Phone: 724-938-5060

Office: Morgan Hall Room 294