Dr. Nicole Evanick

Assistant Professor; Global Online Coordinator, MSN and MSN-MBA Programs

Department of Nursing and Allied Health


Dr. Evanick has over 12 years of teaching experience in a variety of settings and 10 years teaching exclusively in the online environment. Prior to teaching full time, she held various leadership and management positions within large medical centers within the Pittsburgh Area. Dr. Evanick also spent time developing clinical teaching software that was deployed across the country to various nursing, medical and pharmacy schools with robotic and software engineers. Her clinical specialty includes healthcare and nursing informatics.


Welding, N. (2011). Nursing residency programs: Creating a nursing residency: Increasing competence and decreasing turnover. MEDSURG Nursing, 20(1), 37-40.

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Carlow University
  • Master of Science in Nursing: Waynesburg University
  • Doctorate of the Nursing Practice: Chatham University

Email: evanick@calu.edu

Phone: 724-938-5952

Office: Morgan Hall Room 338