Jeffrey S. Sumey

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science, Information Systems and Engineering Technology


Mr. Sumey specializes in computer network design, implementation and programming; operating systems implementation; embedded and real-time systems; microprocessors and PLDs; RC and robotic servo-control systems; signal processing; scientific and technical computing with OOD and conventional paradigms; web-based and other multimedia delivery systems.


Various courses in CET, CSC, EET and RET programs

Research Interests

Application of embedded system technologies

Student Research Projects

  • Development of advanced panoramic sensor systems for UAS project
  • Development of advanced panoramic sensor systems optimized for critical infrastructure protection
  • Department of Defense-funded robotics curriculum development
  • B.S.: Computer Science, California University of Pennsylvania
  • M.S.: Computer Information Science, West Virginia University


Phone: 724-938-4472

Office: Eberly Hall Room 313