Dr. Gregg Gould


Department of Mathematics and Physical Sciences


Dr. Gould is a professor of chemistry in the Department of Mathematics and Physical Sciences.  He grew up in upstate New York, completed graduate school in North Carolina, and spent three years in Los Angeles in the aerospace industry before accepting a teaching position at Cal U.  He lives in a 120 year old Victorian home in Washington, PA where he and his partner raised two grown sons.  Restoring and refurbishing the house is a hobby and shared labor of love with his partner.  Since their boys left home, two dogs and three cats are now the “children” of the house.

Research Interests

Dr. Gould’s research interests are broadly in the field of analytical chemistry.  He has mentored students in a wide variety of projects including analyses of consumer products (sunscreens, beer, spices, energy drinks and wine to name a few), investigation of chemical cremation methods, and synthesis of a solid state catalyst for hydrogen generation.

  • B.A.: Colgate University
  • Ph.D.: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Email: gould@calu.edu

Phone: 724-938-5451

Office: New Science Hall 216B