Equipment Repair

When University equipment requires repairs, follow these steps:

The department/office must:

  • Call the Coordinator of Inventory/Risk Insurance at ext. 4477 or send e-mail, and provide equipment description and bar code number.
  • Transport equipment to the storeroom if instructed to do so.

Under no circumstances does the department transport or send the material to the repairing agency.

The inventory/risk coordinator will:

Prepare a shipping memo and send to the purchasing expediter.

The purchasing expediter will:

  • Make repair arrangements. The repairing agency will either come on campus to make the repair, or we will send the product to the agency.
  • Send a packing list and label to the storeroom if the item is sent off-campus for repair.
    Obtain a repair estimate.

The expediter, inventory/risk insurance coordinator and the department will determine if the item is beyond the economic repair value.

The storeroom will:

  • Remove the bar code label
  • Pack material
  • Ship to repair agency
  • Replace bar code label when material is returned
  • Deliver to the department